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Tony Ajax arm bar legs

Super Brawl - Mat Wars 09

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

You are going to love this MATCH! 40 minutes of NON - STOP Wrestling Action! 5 rounds - winner is best out of 5. This will leave you on the edge of your seat cheering for your guy to win each round.  These two gave it there ALL!  This is a real wreslting match with serious intensity and rivalary.  If you remember Tony lost to Ajax the first time they met.   Now Tony is back, cocky as ever, and ready to battle it out!  He shoots his mouth off the entire match and really taunts Ajax about everything.  There is no stopping these two once it starts. Someone not walking off this mat in the end. See this dramatic edge of your seat ending! Checkout what the #1 fan of Tony & Ajax had to say after he saw this match TRUE STORY... "that tape is f***king awesome.  i still have a chill.   it went way past my expectations.  it was clean, intense, suspenseful. i was on the edge of my chair the 5th found.  the guy did a fantastic job.  they hit all the moves and then some.  the mexican death lock was fine.   there was some humor.  the verbals were great especially Tony.   "blueberry muffin lost his blueberries." the photography was up close for the action. there just wasn't anything not to like about it.   i'm going to watch it again this afternoon. and i can't wait till they see it tonight.  And i plan to watch it every day for awhile.  its definitely a keeper.  this is what a clean technical friendly but intense pro match is all about.  i can see why even you liked it. "THEY" in his story is he threw a party with his friends so they could all sit around drinking and cheering on their favorite wrestler to win best out of 5 rounds.