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Meaty vs Angelo - Bodybuilder Battle 195

$ 25.95

Introducing: ANGELO - 6 ft. 230 lbs

Meaty has put on almost 20 lbs of muscle since his last filming and he is ready to eat up any wrestler put in front of him! Rookie Angelo does not back down tying Meaty up quickly. Meaty wraps up Angelo is a brutal bearhug lifting the rookie completely off the ground! Angelo counters Meaty's bearhug with a full nelson. Meaty flexes his massive pecs and breaks Angelo's hold! He throws Angelo to the mat and smothers him in a rear sleeper wrapping his tree trunk quads around Angelo's body.

The rookie is in pain but keeps talking trash to Meaty. He grabs Meaty's giant arm and wraps him in a chicken wing submission! He walks Meaty around the mat before throwing him down. "I'M GONNA MAKE YOU WORSHIP ME!" Angelo flexes and makes Meaty feel his muscles. Meaty plays along until he hits Angelo with a low blow and slams on top of him! Meaty is determined to show Angelo HOW A REAL MAN MUSCLE WORSHIPS! He forces the rookie to feel his biceps and pecs. Angelo struggles but Meaty is too strong! Meaty is done playing with the rookie and Angelo is getting frustrated he cannot over power Meaty. Meaty wedgies Angelo and sets him off! Angelo wraps his legs around Meaty's head and squeezes him in a front facing headscissors! 

A series of brutal bearhugs and agonizing submissions has one bodybuilder admitting his opponent is the king in humiliating fashion! WHO IS THE KING??