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Meaty vs Big Stick - Mat Rats 160

$ 31.25

260 lbs vs 160 lbs

Big vs Little

Big Stick is SHOCKED by how big and attractive Meaty is! "Wait til these arms are wrapped around your neck..." Big Stick starts to muscle worship Meaty but takes it too far and Meaty SNAPS! Anger flashes across his face and he yanks Big Stick by his neck! Meaty slams him on the mat and pins him down in humiliating fashion! Meaty bends Big Stick's skinny body like a pretzel making him moan in agony! After beating the shit out of Big Stick, Meaty gives in and lets his opponent muscle worship him. But Big Stick uses a dirty move to hurt Meaty! Now Big Stick can touch all over Meaty and Meaty has no choice but to take it

When Meaty recovers, he slams Big Stick's head between his massive quads and refuses to let go! Big Stick fights for air flailing his arms to escape! Will Big Stick finally submit to Meaty's superior power? Big Stick climbs Meaty like a tree stretching him out. Meaty drops to the mat and Big Stick jumps down for the pin! Meaty throws the skinny Big Stick off him multiple times before Big Stick decides he will try to make Meaty submit instead. He fights to get a rear sleeper and Meaty cannot fight exhaustion any longer!

Will Meaty pass out? Download today to see!