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Meaty vs Gohan - Bodybuilder Battle 185

$ 31.59

Big vs little

6'1" 230 lbs. vs 5'6" 155 lbs.

Gohan starts pushing and shoving Meaty insulting him, but Meaty stays calm standing his ground against the new guy. The action immediately starts with Gohan jumping at Meaty, but Meaty CATCHING HIM MID-AIR IN A CHOKEHOLD! Gohan passes out, but is not staying down. He gets up and is lifted into a fireman's carry by the much larger Meaty. He fights and wiggles to get down and cannot. That is until he decides to fight dirty with a vicious ball claw! Meaty goes down and Gohan gloats into the camera. Meaty isn't going to stay down either and lifts Gohan up once again! An over the knee backbreaker cranks down on Gohan and he stretches to the point where he is about to break! Gohan acts confident, but the fear on his face says otherwise. Meaty then makes his opponent beg for more as he sits on him pinning him to the mat. Meaty overpowers Gohan controlling him using head scissors, BRUTAL pec claws, and bearhugs. The new guy begs for mercy. Gohan's only choice is to fight dirty. He takes Meaty down and stretches him any way he can. The dirty moves allow Gohan to lock in other moves. Leg scissors and sleeper holds wear down Meaty until Gohan attempts to "teabag" him. Meaty refuses to be humiliated and tears into Gohan! He steadily shoves him into the mat working him over again and again. In a surprise twist, Gohan counters Meaty and gets him in a tight submission move! Meaty begins to fight for air, but Gohan is locked in! A back and forth struggle between power and determination leads to a shocking ending!