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Meaty vs Phish - Mat Rats 166

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Run time: 23 Minutes

Meaty: 240 lbs vs Phish: 130 lbs

Meaty agitates Phish by degrading him standing on the mat. Phish tells Meaty to flex for the camera only planning a surprise attack on the 240 lb bodybuilder. He jumps on Meaty's back and locks in a sleeper hold! Phish drops his victim into a dragon sleeper and pummels his chest with hard forearm smashes! "I WANT YOU TO SCREAM!" Phish is relentless despite being much smaller than Meaty. He continues to smash his forearms into Meaty's chest making a resounding THUD over and over! Phish uses his professional wrestling background to lock in multiple moves on Meaty! A brutal figure four leg lock has Meaty on the verge of tapping out! Meaty endures the pain and Phish is not done! A vicious cross face submission has Meaty reeling but the anger is building in his face and you can see he is about to explode on his smaller opponent!

Meaty stands up and lifts Phish upside down on his shoulders and bounces Phish up and down nearly snapping his back in half! He throws him down and begins curling him over and over. After Meaty smashes him down, Phish offers to wipe off Meaty's sweat with a towel as a truce. But Phish takes the towel, wrapping it around Meaty's neck, and chokes him! Meaty chokes in pain until the anger flashes back across his face. He takes the towel and the two opponents have an intense tug of war over the weapon!

An intense battle of power moves versus skilled technical moves heats up! Meaty uses his power to lift Phish and slam him around the mat, while Phish uses his technical prowess to counter and lock in submissions on the 240 lbs Meaty. Which wrestling style will prevail in Phish's electric debut? DOWNLOAD TODAY AND FIND OUT!