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Meaty vs Rome - Bodybuilder Battle 182

$ 25.00
$ 25.95

Flexing and insults turn into intense wrestling when Meaty and Rome slam their bodies together on the mat! Meaty thinks he looks better than Rome and wants to prove he can take on the big man. Both bodybuilders go back and forth, but Rome's power and strength overwhelm Meaty. He lifts him up like a b*tch and slams him down into a over the knee backbreaker! He then drops down locking his opponent up in a full nelson. While flexing Meaty gets up and punches Rome straight in the face. This pisses Rome off. When Meaty stands over Rome and exclaims "THINK YOU CAN F*CK WITH ME?" Rome punches Meaty from the ground and LIGHTS OUT! Next scene is Meaty laid out on the mat not knowing what just happened! Meaty is a dazed but not going to quit. He fights back, but Rome overpowers him lifting him over his shoulders. Meaty has no clue what to do about the size and strength of Rome and has to resort to a low blow to take him down! He flexes but Rome stands once again and locks in a smothering chest to chest bearhug destroying Meaty. Once again, Meaty tries to hang with Rome and gets a chest to chest bearhug of his own. A brutal back and forth of bearhugs leads to Meaty laid out helpless on the mat. Rome takes advantage and lifts him into a tight side headlock nearly ripping his opponents head off! He then mounts him and turns him over into a deep banana split. Rome takes his time to flex for the camera and Meaty springs up initiating another intense chest to chest bearhug competition. Who will squeeze the life from their opponent first?