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Meaty vs Scorpion - Mat Rats 185

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Meaty meets Scorpion poolside for some mid afternoon wrestling. Already glimmering in sweat, both bodybuilders lock up in a bearhug. Scorpion scrambles to get Meaty on the mat while Meaty is slowly taking his time letting the rookie wear himself out. The clash of styles has Meaty pinning and smothering Scorpion in head scissors, bearhugs, and pins. While Scorpion's classic, high energy wrestling style has Meaty gassing out quickly. Scorpion pushes Meaty's cardio and Meaty grabs and slams Scorpion down smashing him into the mat over and over! 

When cheap shots start flying, the intensity of the match picks up. An exchange of low blows have both Meaty and Scorpion fighting through pain. Meaty begins dragging Scorpion to the pool and drowning him repeatedly! Scorpion gasps for air as Meaty yanks him out of the water and locks him back into another submission. The friendly banter in the beginning of the match fades as the trash talk increases. Scorpion gets the upper hand stretching Meaty out, but gets cocky flexing and leaves himself open for a brutal lashing from Meaty. When Meaty catches a cramp, Scorpion has a choice to make...show some sportsmanship and let Meaty recover or show no mercy and put Meaty in his place?

Download and find out what Scorpion decides today!