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Meaty vs Sergei - Bodybuilder Battle 183

$ 31.25

Run Time: 28 min.

Meaty and Sergei notice each other from the gym and tie up to decide who is the best bodybuilder in Florida! Meaty uses all of his 230 pounds of muscle to torture Sergei using lifts, carries, head scissors, and gut punches. Sergei uses a cheat and pulls at Meaty's toes to break out and gain an advantage. That doesn't last long when Meaty powerfully stands up with Sergei hanging on his back and then throws him off! Neither bodybuilder wants to back down and a chest to chest bearhug competition leads to a stalemate and a face to face flex off. With sweaty pecs bouncing and hard biceps peaking, both guys think they are better than their opponent. After admiring each others muscles the action jumps back into frame with a chest to chest bearhug with Sergei countering with a deep ab stretch. Meaty fights out and jumps on him driving his thumbs in Sergei's pecs! After Meaty loses concentration and flexes for the camera, Sergei counters with a pec claw of his own! After a back and forth of body scissors, sleeper holds, boston crab holds, back tortures, and more bearhugs one bodybuilder can't stand the pain any longer and passes out! Who will take over the alpha dog spot at their local gym?