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Mercury vs Simpson - Vegas Battles 71

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

A Vegas massage turns into an all-out BRAWL in this battle of the rookies! On the table with his eyes closed, Mercury waits for his massage as an angry Simpson surprises him with an elbow to the abs, "You've been talking to my girl!" Shoved to the floor, Simpson DIGS his foot in Mercury's back as he tries getting up then forces him to the mat by his neck. Mercury groans in pain; his arm yanked behind his back as Simpson rolls him upside down on his neck in a grueling pin. Back on their feet, the rookies tie-up battling for control. Simpson lifts Mercury across his shoulders SLAMMING him down on his head nearly snapping his neck! Struggling to breathe, Mercury's face is rubbed into the mat as Simpson mounts his back wrapping his bulging bicep around Mercury's throat. Mercury strains but stands to his feet lifting the 205lbs Simpson on his back tossing him to the ground. The battle heats up as both wrestlers exchange takedowns, CRUSHING belly to belly bearhugs, and try ripping each other's arms off with tight hammerlocks. A grueling ab stretch has Mercury screaming in pain; Simpson CHOPS his abs harder and harder and GRINDS his fist deep in Mercury's ribs! Desperate to escape, Mercury flips Simpson on to the mat as both rookies fight for a pin using powerful cradles. Struggling for air, Mercury mounts Simpson's back STRETCHING him out in a tight full nelson and crippling camel clutch! In agony, Simpson grabs Mercury's arm flipping him over for a little payback. A skull-splitting head scissors, gut punches, leg stretches, and vicious GUILLOTINE CHOKE have Mercury gasping for air under Simpson's control. Trying for a pin, Simpson gets trapped between Mercury's rock-hard quads in a brutal body scissors/leg stretch combo. His ribs about to break, Simpson taps out but is dragged to his knees in tight full nelson. A power struggle begins as Simpson flexes harder and harder finally breaking Mercury's grip; both rookie's veins nearly burst under the INTENSE pressure! Full of rage, Simpson picks Mercury up for an over-the-knee back breaker and gut punches his abs until Mercury crumbles to the mat barely breathing. A torture rack, viselike headlock, sleepers, cradles, fireman's carry, and BREATH-TAKING bearhug battle has one rookie trying to tap out, but the brutal winner has other plans, "Not yet, I get to play with you some more!"