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Mercury vs Steel - Vegas Battles 75

$ 32.95

It's shredded abs vs bulging biceps in this Vegas showdown! A flex off has both wrestlers arguing over whose muscle is better. "Those are for looking pretty; these are for destroying guys!" threatens Steel admiring his own powerful pythons. "More abs than you'll ever have!" taunts Mercury. Angry, Steel charges in with a fireman's carry BENDING Mercury over his boulder shoulders as he groans in pain. His bones about to break, Mercury is shaken around and tossed down barely able to catch his breath. Steel pins Mercury down HAMMERING away at his chiseled abs with brutal gut punches and drags Mercury to his feet for a grueling ab stretch. "I'd rather have these biceps!" flexes Steel wrapping his rock-hard bicep around Mercury's throat in a tight sleeper. Gasping for air, Mercury is let go and struggles to his feet as the fight continues. Both wrestlers tie-up; Steel breaks away lifting Mercury up and down in an overhead press and BODYSLAMS him to the mat. Laid out barely moving, Mercury suffers more gut punches and is dragged between Steel's tree-trunk quads in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors. The blood rushing from his brain, Mercury screams in pain crumbling to the ground as Steel squeezes his quads even tighter. Desperate, Mercury finally breaks free but is trapped in a CRIPPLING camel clutch. The veins in Steel's arms nearly explode as he yanks back on Mercury's neck slamming him face-first on the mat. Steel continues his torture STOMPING Mercury into the ground before delivering a choke-lift. His shredded muscles going limp, Mercury collapses nearly passing out. Steel flexes a double bicep as Mercury recovers jumping on his back for a sleeper. A power struggle begins; Steel STRAINS to escape crumbling to the mat as Mercury squeezes tighter and tighter leaving Steel barely breathing. "You're big, but you're never gonna be shredded like this!" taunts Mercury flexing as Steel stumbles to his feet. A surprise STANDING CRUCIFIX has Steel screaming in pain ready to tear apart before he finally breaks away. The non-stop action continues as bearhugs, a sleeper, body scissors, Boston crab, tight cradle, and CRUSHING gut punches lead to a final knockout!