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Monstro vs Angel vs Dusty - Christmas Chaos 2006C

Monstro vs Angel vs Dusty - Christmas Chaos 2006C

$ 28.88
$ 31.59

Dusty vs Angel with special surprise appearance by Monstro

Angel pulls up on his motorcycle and parks in Dusty's spot.  After they exchange words for awhile, Angel shoots his mouth off saying, "See I'm fit, you're fat!".  Well you don't tell a 320 pound powerlifter and former Pro Wrestler trainned by Shawn Michaels that he is FAT!  This is how our first ever David vs Goliath type match, exploded onto the scene!  Well after Angel got trapped in a few overhead gorilla presses and overhead choke slams and you think he just can't take any more beatings, up walks Monstro!  That's right now Angel has to face not ONE but TWO men over 250 plus pounds of muscle and power!  Remember everyone, Angel is only 145 pounds himself, on a good day.  So these two muscle power men just turn on Angel and use him as a practise dummy to try and show off who has the better power moves.  Well Angel is in BIG trouble on this one, you'll have to see if he surives being slammed on top of the car!