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Mophead vs Phantom - Rough & Ready 156

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Introducing Mophead: 5'10" 165 lbs Colombian Model
Mophead seduces the camera with his Columbian accent telling us all what he likes to do besides wrestling. While stretching on the mat, Phantom silently enters the garage and sizes up the new guy. Phantom wraps him up in a bearhug and holds Mophead up, squeezing his defined core! Mophead is taking punishment, but he has a smile on his face like he likes being manhandled by Phantom.
Phantom doesn't hold back stretching and slapping Mophead to his limits. Mophead decides he has enough and flips Phantom over sitting directly on his face! Not able to hold him down, Mophead gets flung upward by Phantom into a full nelson. Mophead reaches over grabbing Phantom's neck and flips him over his shoulders! (who knew the kid had it in him!). Phantom is not intimidated and gets up wrapping Mophead up in a chest to chest bearhug! Mophead moans in pain and Phantom flings his body around the mat.
Mophead is now locked in an inescapable camel clutch! Phantom is cranking on his neck yelling at Mophead to give up! What comes next is not a tap, but a surprising ball claw that incapacitates Phantom! With Phantom now feeling the pain, Mophead jumps on top of him and flexes for the camera. This just pisses Phantom off more and he flies upward countering Mophead into a full nelson and adds insult to punishment doing pushups smashing his crotch into Mophead's face!
Now, Mophead has found Phantom's weakness! He throws up another ball claw and rips into Phantom. But Phantom's power is too much for the smaller Columbian model, Mophead. Will Phantom's power be the deciding factor in this matchup? Or will Mophead be able to fight dirty and overcome Phantom's strength? DOWNLOAD NOW AVAILABLE!