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body builder dominating wrestlers

Mountain dominates Dom9 and Jack Beaver Part 2 - Custom Video Series 86

$ 25.95

The 300lbs muscle coach Mountain introduces his newest work, "I've brought my little protege Dom9, let's see what he can do!" Dom9 and Jack Beaver tie up. The protege locks Beaver in a tight full nelson taking him down face first to the mat. Mountain isn't pleased, "When did I teach you to do it like that? Get him!" He tries again but delivers an even softer takedown. "When you put him on the floor, put him on the floor!" The behemoth LAUNCHES Beaver down. "You had to bring your coach? Couldn't do it yourself?" moans Beaver. Dom9 wraps his tree trunk quads around Beaver in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors. "This is getting boring!" Mountain takes off his hoodie exposing his 63 INCH chest. "You're here to coach right?" The behemoth charges in lifting Dom9 in a BACK-BREAKING bearhug, "Commit to it, SQUEEZE, then you put it down!" The muscle hunk crumbles to the mat struggling to breathe. Mountain traps Beaver in a crushing headlock then lifts him in an UPSIDE DOWN bearhug! "Catch!" The behemoth tosses Beaver across the room into the arms of Dom9; these boys are in trouble! Mountain takes both wrestlers down to the mat and lays across them CRUSHING them with his weight! "I thought you were coaching me!" groans Dom9 gasping for air. "Watching you two wrestle is dull. Might as well have some fun with it myself!" Mountain sleepers Beaver then drags him off the mat, so he can have his protege all to himself. "Grab me and push!" Dom9 grunts, groans, and tries as hard as he can to move the muscle monster, but he won't budge. The behemoth traps him in a headlock, delivers vicious knees to his abs, and lifts him in an UPSIDE DOWN bearhug! Dom9 fights to stay conscious as he collapses to the mat. Mountain straddles his abs pinning his arms down, "You won't listen to your coach? Come on!" Dom9 strains and strains finally FLIPPING the giant off him! He quickly jumps on the muscle bull's back as Mountain stands up, "Apply the choke!" Dom9 struggles to get his arm around the behemeth's thick neck! "Can't teach things anymore!" The muscle monster flips Dom9 over his shoulders sending him crashing to the mat screaming in pain! Mountain wakes up Beaver and orders the protege to put him to sleep. Dom9 locks his sleeper in taking Beaver to his knees, but the giant is displeased and sleepers his protege, "Either he goes, or you go!" A DOUBLE SLEEPER has both muscle hunks struggling to stay awake, but Beaver is first to pass out. "He's asleep!" pleads Dom9 begging to be set free, but Mountain won't let go, "No good reason, I just feel like it!" The muscle hunk begins to slump under the giant's 23 inch bulging bicep and is counting sheep himself!

Mountain wakes his victims up, "You two are starting to piss me off! Let me show you what I can do!" The behemoth wraps his meathooks hands around their throats in a DOUBLE CHOKELIFT before dropping them to the mat. Dom9 recovers and picks up Beaver delivering an over the knee BACK BREAKER. The giant is still not happy lifting Dom9 in his own back breaker dropping him on top of Beaver. Mountain pushes down on the pile of muscle CRUSHING them with his power as they howl in pain! Dom9 is pissed, "You're supposed to be coaching me not beating me up!" Dom9 and Beaver try again to wrestle each other with bearhugs and body scissors, but it's still not good enough. Mountain UNLEASHES his strength: double shoulder carries, double bearhugs, a double fireman's carry, and a double camel clutch! Dom9 and Beaver are being DOMINATED and need to work together if they have any chance of bringing down Mountain!