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Mountain vs Andre - Lift & Carry

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

"I'm gonna show you how f***ing strong I am; how I can lift somebody like they're a f***ing bucket of water! Do all kinds of overhead press and enjoy it; I think you will too!" The 350lbs muscle monster stands inches from the camera, flexing and pec bouncing his hairy gorilla sized chest in your face! "Heard I got an easy match today, oh s**t!" Panic sweeps across the new rookie's face as the behemoth wraps his meathook hands around his throat in a chokelift. "This is gonna be fun!" A deep MANIACAL laugh expels from Mountain as his tiny prey begs for his life and is slammed to the mat. "I gotta stop, my knee!" screams Andre writhing in pain. "You're my human dumbbell; you and your little dodgy leg!" Barely moving, the muscle giant hoists his play-toy onto his boulder shoulder then lifts him in a ONE-ARM press dropping him down! "I wanna really get a pump today! What do you weigh?" "145lbs!" groans the rookie. "It's not enough, but it will f***ing do!" Mountain drops down ordering Andre to lay on top of him doing push ups with ease then rolls to his back BENCH PRESSING the lightweight up and down, "So easy! Now let me show you what these pecs look like: big and f***ing pumped!" flexes the behemoth; the camera zoomed in tight on his juicy chest. Returning to his victim, the beast lifts the rookie across his boulder shoulders and lets go, holding him with no hands. "I'll just stick you up there, forget about you!" mocks the beast dropping him. "Come here cripple, show me your pecs!" orders Mountain as Andre flexes as hard as he can, "I'm trying!" "That's funny, you need a f***ing Christmas miracle to be anything compared to this!" Playtime is over as the giant wraps his powerful python around his victim's throat SQUEEZING the air from his lungs before slamming him on the back of his skull. "It's not just upper body; it's f***ing legs!" flexes Mountain; the camera zoomed in sweeps up and down his monstrous frame. Desperate to flee the den of domination, Andre tries crawling off the mat only ANGERING the beast, "Really? I thought I made myself clear. As long as you were cooperative, this wasn't gonna hurt!" Frozen in fear, the rookie pleads for mercy, "I'm sorry!" His cries fall on deaf ears as Mountain chokelifts him with one arm SLAPPING him across the face, "You understand me!" "Yes!" gasps Andre crumbling to the mat. "Got enough of a pump in the chest, big and round. It's time for some biceps!" The behemoth lifts the 145 pounder across his hairy gorilla sized chest CURLING him up and down then flexes his juiced up pythons, "It's so f***ing big; my forearm is stuck against it!" The goliath orders his victim to his knees wrapping his granite slab quads around him in SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors as he screams in pain and dropped on his face. Barely conscious, Andre is lifted up and over the giant's hulking back hanging perilously upside down. "Wear him like a f***ing backpack! This is fun!" mocks Mountain dropping him down. "Let's do a little bit of wrestling. How about a full nelson? challenges the 350 pounder standing with arms wide open. "I can't! It's too big; it's too wide!" strains the rookie unable to reach as the muscle monster locks in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson of his own. Groaning in pain, Andre is let go and tries lifting the giant's granite slab leg over and over but is slammed on his face. "Let's just see if you can pick me up! I'll let you!" Barely able to reach around, the lightweight lifts the 350 pounder off the mat. "Well done! It's cute; isn't it?" taunts Mountain picking up his prey carrying him like a baby in his hulking arms. Hungry for pain, the giant HAMMERS Andre's chest with his meaty forearms then lifts him in a shoulder carry SMACKING his beefy glutes harder and harder as he screams! "You have a bad leg; now you're gonna have a bad back too!" A vicious over-the-back breaker has Andre begging for mercy SLAMMED over and over on his knee, "Put me down please!" Falling on his face, Mountain lays on top of the lightweight CRUSHING him into the mat and yanks his hair, "What's that feel like?" "You're squishing me!" "I know; now we can see how much bigger I am!" His bones splintering under the weight, the behemoth does push ups on top of the lightweight; his mounds of beefy muscle PULVERIZING his ribcage as he screams in agony! "Sounds like you can't breathe; I don't care! It could all be over so quickly, but I wanna enjoy this!" A powerful sleeper and skull-crushing head scissors lead to a JAW-DROPPING finish and final sinister promise, "With this lifeless body, I'm gonna show you something you've never seen!"