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Mountain vs Eagle - Bodybuilder Battles 125

$ 32.95

Mountain is about to face his TOUGHEST challenge yet, Quadzilla aka Eagle! "So Mike reckons one of his kids here has got a big set of legs. He's got some big quads but no calves." Mountain sizes up the vet flexing his mounds of muscle as Eagle joins in mocking, "I don't think they believe in tans where you're from!" "No we don't. We just win stuff; we bench your squats!" Mountain barrels in with a quick full nelson, wraps him up in guillotine choke and SLAMS him to the mat! The behemoth gets on his knees, as the muscle monsters lock up. "He's quite strong!" admires Mountain rolling the vet over in a vicious banana split. "My groin!" screams Eagle as the giant CLUBS his chiseled abs and rolls him into a tight body scissors! The vet struggles to breathe but manages to break free rolling the behemoth in a giant-size banana split! Eagle PULLS as hard as he can, but Mountain feels nothing even flexing in the hold. Back on their feet, a brutal mercy challenge has the American's biceps straining to hold on. Eagle breaks free and bearhugs the behemoth as he groans in pain barely escaping with an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug of his own! With his victim laid out barely moving, Mountain delivers a seismic BODYSPLASH crushing Eagle into the ground nearly leaving a life-size crater, "300 pounds on top of you!" The American gasps for air as the behemoth smothers him into the mat taking his time getting up. "Try and use them legs boy! You can't keep up!" taunts Mountain. Eagle recovers and gut punches the giant trying for a guillotine choke, but the burly beast is too strong picking him up in a fireman's carry dumping him to the mat. Mountain continues his torture with bearhugs and body scissors SLAMMING his sequoia size legs open and closed like a bear trap! "My ribs!" screams Eagle barely moving. "This is fun!" The muscle monster is ready to break more bones but is taken down with a brutal LOW BLOW! Quadzilla rolls the big behemoth in a grueling body scissors! Mountain has never felt power like this before groaning in pain feverishly trying to elbow his way out finally escaping! The giant is winded standing to his feet as Eagle wraps his bulging biceps around the monster in a bearhug! Their thick slabs of muscle struggle in the embrace until Mountain breaks free with a HEADBUTT! The giant unloads on the American: skull-crushing standing head scissors, a chokelift, grueling head and body scissors! The Adonis is on his back barely breathing as the behemoth drops forearm after forearm trying to OBLITERATE his abs then mounts him crushing him more! "He's so big!" Mountain gets up flexing for the camera, "Real power, it's an athlete vs a bodybuilder!" Eagle recovers, delivers a surprise rake to the eyes, and jumps in the air taking the behemoth down with FLYING BODY SCISSORS! Mountain is in agony and tries breaking the viselike grip but can't. "Nope!" He struggles but rolls Eagle to his back, breaking the hold with double forearm to the gut! Thinking he's won, Mountain faces the camera, "He doesn't want to play anymore. I think he's tired of losing!" Out of nowhere, Eagle jumps on his back dropping the behemoth to his knees in a tight sleeper! Quadzilla wraps his tree trunk quads around the giant in a standing head scissors as he screams in pain! He SQUEEZES tighter and tighter as Mountain crumbles to the mat nearly passing out. Eagle lifts the human size refrigerator into a crippling camel clutch but can't keep it locked in as he's FLUNG down to the mat. An angry giant retaliates with bearhugs, kidney shots, and a brutal arm bar then parades Eagle around in a shoulder carry, "Now what are you gonna do?" The vet wraps his quads around the giant's skull delivering an UPSIDE DOWN head scissors hanging off the giant's back! Mountain groans in pain collapsing to the mat face first. Eagle keeps his scissors locked in tight as the giant barely slides out completely gassed! The vet delivers a powerful Boston crab; Mountain's face is pure torture as he POUNDS the mat in agony unable to escape! Both muscle beasts battle back and forth trying to destroy each other: gut punches, cradle, an over the knee backbreaker, chokelift, sleepers, crushing body scissors! Mountain cries out, "Trying to hurt my ribs? I've got intestines the size of a horse!" The behemoth rolls Eagle to his back, lays on top of him smothering him into the mat, then does push ups on top of him! His 300lbs of beefy muscle SMACK against the vet's ripped chest louder and louder as he screams in pain gasping for air! "Don't wanna play no more?" taunts Mountain. "It's not fun anymore!" groans Eagle. "It's great fun for me!" A surprise headbutt to the groin sends Mountain crashing to the mat! Quadzilla is ready for revenge and UNLEASHES on the big man: gut punches, low blows, double pec claw, a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors! The behemoth is in trouble; his thick muscles struggle for oxygen as he barely gets to his feet swinging violently in the air missing his target! Has Mountain finally met his match?