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Mountain vs Hero - Bodybuilder Battle 160

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

"Back up sunshine!" Standing chest to chest, Mountain pushes the rock-hard beast away lifting him across his gorilla sized chest, "You here for the ride? This ride has a f***ing height restriction, and you don't measure up!" dropping Hero in an over-the-knee back breaker pounding his chiseled abs with his meaty forearms as he screams in pain collapsing to the mat. "Stand up, oh wait he's standing up!" taunts the behemoth dragging Hero to his feet wrapping his powerful python around his throat in a grueling guillotine choke! "Little pretty boy, when you're f***ing broken, you might grow!" Struggling to stay conscious, Hero tries reaching around the giant but is slammed on his back. The camera zoomed in tight; Mountain's trunks are right in your face panning up his hairy hulking frame as he flexes. "I'm gonna f***ing enjoy this!" Rising to his feet, Hero surprises the muscle monster with a vicious low blow as he crumbles to his knees taken down with a sharp elbow to the back of the skull. "Ahh f***!" groans Mountain winded on the mat as Hero flexes his rock-hard biceps trying to pin the behemoth down with his foot, but he gets up. "So that's how you wanna play it! That's it, get your face in these pecs!" Pissed off, the muscle monster wraps his pythons around Hero's skull SMOTHERING his face with his meaty chest as he struggles to breathe. "Two can play that game! I was gonna be nice to you; show you a couple of my moves, but now, this court is in session!" Mountain wraps his meathook hands around his prey's throat with a devastating chokelift slamming him on his back, "Think those abs are strong? Can you take 350lbs on them?" Mountain stands on Hero then walks across him using him as a human doormat as he screams in pain. "Want a hand up?" taunts the behemoth helping the bodybuilder up slamming him back down, "Let's try that again!" "No, don't do it!" pleads Hero as the Goliath stands on his chest and abs again, "Come on pretty boy, take it all!" standing even longer as blood-curdling screams fill the arena. Laid out completely helpless, the behemoth mounts his abs pinning his arms above his head with one arm and HAMMERS away at his chiseled abs. "You can take it, come on!" "Is that all you got! Come on! I know you got it in you!" taunts Hero pinning his pythons above his head with one arm. "I'll show you what I've got!" Massive firearm blows rain down; the deafening sound sending shockwaves through the arena as Hero screams in pain. Dragged to his feet, the muscle monster drags his prey in a brutal ab stretch. "Come on, do your worst! Come on I said let's go!" Up for the challenge, Mountain lifts his prey across his barrel size chest slamming his abs over his knee again and again. "No, no, no! Let me go, I'm done, my stomach!" "Say thank you; you better say thank you!" taunts Mountain dropping him on his back. Pinning his legs down, the 350 pounder orders his victim to do sit ups hammering his injured abs with brutal forearms as he rises up! On his knees, Hero tries again for a low blow angering the giant, "You're gonna be disciplined for that!" "I made a mistake!" pleads the bodybuilder wedged between the giant's tree-trunk quads picked upside down in a belly to back bearhug and slammed on the back of his skull! His abs bright red from the brutal beating, the 350 pounder lays across his victim with a crossbody pin and slams his hulking frame up and down flattening the rock-hard beast. "Having fun yet?" Gasping for air, Hero reaches around the giant trying to push him off but it doesn't work struggling to his feet. Flexing, "One thing you have to learn like all the wrestlers do, I am not..." before he can finish his sentence, Mountain SQUEEZES his face with his meathook hand and head butts the beast driving his skull again and again nearly knocking him out. "Do your stuff big boy!" taunts Mountain straddling his victim. "I think against you, I'm better than you!" Hero delivers a punch to the groin sending the giant crashing across the mat groaning in pain. "Show you something!" threatens the bodybuilder as he slides the giant across the mat elbow dropping his quad. "If you wouldn't mind; I'm just taking a moment!" Mountain wraps his granite slab quads around him in a grueling head scissors. "No, you'll crush my skull like this! Why don't you feel pain?" "I feel pain; I just enjoy it! Now we can crack it open!" "Ahh, why are you so strong! Just stop, I've had enough!" Mountain bends his prey trying to break his back and lays on top of him. "Had enough?" "Never!" "You will soon; I'm gonna show you something!" Yanking Hero to his knees, Mountain squeezes his traps stretching out his back with his knee then wraps his powerful python around his throat, "Come on deep breaths! Get up; it's a wrestling match; not a f***ing sit down!" On the mat, a kick to the groin stuns the giant as Hero stands to his feet punching his beefy abs, "Yeah let's try that again! Come on do your best!" Hero punches harder and harder as Mountain bends him over backwards, "Why don't you feel any pain!" Over his knee slamming his skull into the mat with a brutal thud. Barely conscious, Mountain continues his beatdown; brutal gut punches as Hero swings his legs up trying for two head scissors but it doesn't work. "My place is with the people!" screams Hero as the giant stands up DRIVING his knees deep into his abs; his bones shattering. "Come on boy show me what you got, let's see a pose, those little pretty muscles! Are you flexing anything!" "You're nothing!" tells Hero. "That's a f***ing bicep!" flexes mountain. "They don't wanna see your bicep!" yells Hero. The camera zooms in on the hairy hulk's beefy chest as the beast jumps on his back hammering away on his head and chest trying for a sleeper but is tossed around for a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug as he screams in pain and thrown down his skull crashing into the garage door! "You got up, wow, come on pretty boy!" Hero charges in but is wrapped up in another belly to belly bearhug and dropped down, rear bearhug. "I can take it show me! Did I say quit!" taunts Hero as the behemoth crushes him with bearhug after bearhug. "Is that all you got? You spud!" Mountain wraps the arrogant bodybuilder in another belly to belly pinning his arms to his sides. "Let me go! I quit; I give up!" screams Hero. "Sorry, I don't speak b****!" mocks Mountain as a vicious over-the-knee back breaker leads to a shocking end. "That's how you break someone's f***ing ribs!"