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Mr. Bruce vs Ajax - Mat Wars 13B

Mr. Bruce vs Ajax - Mat Wars 13B

$ 25.95

Ajax vs Mr. Bruce

Christopher Bruce, a major star in the underground wrestling scene, has decided to try and elimate the competition. This man knows his wrestling holds, but so does Ajax so this match has a lot of back and forth, long held holds and serious mat work. You will love to see who is going to submit! They exchange full nelsons, body scissors, and even schoolboy pins! You will see a new variation on the camel clutch that I didn't know was possible, plus more head scissors and bearhugs which are amazing as they struggle to see who will dominate. Christopher Bruce is NOT going to be disrespected by the younger Ajax. Mr. Bruce grabs Ajax and body slams him then puts him into an over the knee backbreaker followed by a fierce arm bar, while screaming, "I will be respected!" Mr. Bruce has been in the underground wrestling scene for over 15 years who will win? Experienced fighter or youthful rookie?