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Mr Sean vs Frey - Bearhug Challenge 06

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Newly released from our vault

Frey introduces the new kid, Mr Sean to the Bearhug Challenge as his first match up. The person with the most submissions at the end of 10 minutes wins the match. They lock up and Frey starts things off with the first bearhug, showing Mr Sean how it's done. Mr Sean really struggles trying to escape the grip of Frey "The Beautiful." Frey lets Mr Sean go and drops him, but wasn't able to get a point from the first bearhug. After Mr Sean catches his breath, they lock up again, this time Mr Sean steals the next bearhug from Frey and almost loses his balance picking up Frey but catches himself before almost losing it and continues to torture Frey with his grip. He eventually lets go of Frey, but after they both catch their breath and gets Frey into a bearhug from behind this time stealing the first point of the match over Frey. The new guy isn't here to just play around, right after the first submission he makes Frey submit in another bearhug from the front this time. Can the new guy really take the win in his first debut bearhug challenge?

Surprise bonus match included when you buy the DVD!