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Mr. Wonderful vs Cash - Mat Wars 115

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

This is one of the most intense Mat Wars ever filmed at Thunders Arena! Sweat pouring, muscle pounding, back and forth action to the point of pure exhaustion! "You wanna try this? I don't think you want this!" The 6'1" 215lbs rookie Mr. Wonderful puffs out his thick chest circling his competition. Cash is not impressed mocking the newbie's flower shorts, "Come on pretty boy!" The muscle titans lock up, and this battle is on! Mr. Wonderful gets a couple quick takedowns surprising the vet. "Pretty boy's got some moves; give me a challenge!" Cash drags the muscle beast face first to the mat locking in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, "How you like that?" Mr. Wonderful strains but powers out and rolls the vet in a cradle so tight; Cash is eating his knees until the hold is released. "Woo, let's go! Show me something!" The fight continues with both gladiators struggling to gain the upper hand. Mr. Wonderful unleashes and wraps his powerful pythons around Cash in a RIB-CRUSHING bearhug then slams him to the mat! The vet can barely catch his breath as the muscle giant goes for the pin but only gets a 2 count. "You're not pinning me!" "I know I'm pinning you!" Mr. Wonderful headlocks Cash back down and tries again, 1-2. Incredibly, he escapes, but the power struggle leaves both men completely gassed.

Cash is pissed and ready for payback! He trips the rookie to the mat, mounts his chiseled back, and yanks back on his chin. Mr. Wonderful's face is pure torture as the muscle stud looks ready to rip off his head! The beast summons his strength and escapes, but this time Cash is ready and locks in a crushing sleeper! The newbie struggles to break away and crumbles to the mat gasping for air. "Stay down!" "You can't keep me down!" The vet leans over Mr. Wonderful in a belly to back reverse bearhug, but the powerhouse easily sits up with Cash hanging upside down on his back and LAUNCHES him to the mat! "That's right!" The behemoth flexes his bulging biceps over his fallen victim. "Think you got time to flex?" moans Cash. The non-stop action continues with both wrestlers trying for a pin: head and body scissors, cradles, a crippling Boston crab! Neither side is giving an inch, so they engage in an extreme mercy challenge! Muscles bulge; veins pop; the immense struggle sends both muscle monsters falling to the mat. Mr. Wonderful is first to capitalise and rolls the vet in a vicious banana split, "Tap if you wanna keep walking!" Cash screams in pain but refuses to quit. A massive bearhug battle breaks out as both sides SQUEEZE each other almost to the point of passing out! Their mountains of muscle collapse under the viselike grips. These giants are out to destroy each other limb by limb: a guillotine choke, back-breaking torture rack, a devastating chokelift! Who will be left standing in the end?