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muscular man showing off body

Mr. Wonderful vs Chase88 & Frey - Mat Wars 116

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Frey brings in a friend and new recruit, Chase88. "About time you showed up. Do not make me look like a fool!" "You don't have to worry about anything, trust me!" They head to the mat to see who Chase88's opponent is. Warming up is another rookie Mr. Wonderful. At 6'1" 215lbs, the singlet wearing muscle beast clearly has experience, practicing wrestling drills on the mat. Frey laughs at the spectacle, "Forget what I said. You're good!" The pair mock the baby face rookie. "I'm not gonna lose today!" declares Mr. Wonderful. "You're nothing, no big deal!" scoffs Chase88.
The rookies begin with a mercy challenge; their muscles strain under the intense pressure as Chase88 is taken to his knees. Frey is not pleased and clubs Mr. Wonderful's chiseled back, breaking their grips. "Make him say mercy!" commands Frey. Chase88 locks in a sleeper demanding the muscle hunk give up, but he refuses. The rookie transitions to a body scissors trying to crush Mr. Wonderful's ribs, but he rolls out and begins gut punching Chase88 as he moans in pain. Frey pulls Mr. Wonderful off pinning his arms back. "Get up and show him a gut punch!" Chase88 pounds his abs. "Is that all you got?" laughs the beast. The rookie winds up and punches even harder, sending Mr. Wonderful crumbling to the mat. 

The muscle titans tie up. Mr. Wonderful gets Chase88 in a massive SNAPMARE TAKEDOWN delivering a crushing headlock. "You're not going anywhere. This is why they call me Mr. Wonderful right here!" Chase88 struggles but breaks free returning the favor with a headlock of his own, "How's that bicep feel?" The behemoth breaks out pinning Chase88 down on the mat with his weight. Frey is pissed and yanks Mr. Wonderful's hair, "Get off him!" Chase88 gets up and pushes the vet, "Back up! I got this!" "You were just on your back bro!" Chase88 unleashes on Mr. Wonderful and takes him down trying for a sleeper, "You ready to give up?" "Never!" The muscle giant breaks away and lifts Chase88 in a massive rear bearhug taking him down in a vicious headlock. "You got it right?" mocks Frey. Mr. Wonderful lifts his victim across his thick chest and POWERSLAMS him to the mat. The rookie is in agony. "Now it's time to get serious!" The powerhouse pulls down his singlet exposing his gorilla sized chest and ripped abs. Chase88 uses the distraction, CLOTHESLINES the beast into the wall, and unloads on his abs. Mr. Wonderful groans in pain and collapses. The battle continues: bearhugs, bodyslams, ankle locks, banana split. Chase88 gets the muscle giant in an ab stretch, but Frey is not pleased. "Let me show you how to do it!" The vet takes over and has Mr. Wonderful howling in pain. The beast grunts, groans, and LAUNCHES Frey to the mat. "I'm tired of you interfering!" Chase88 locks the vet in a massive arm bar. "I bring you here. I was trying to teach you!" screams Frey. Mr. Wonderful joins in and arm bars his other arm, "That's what you get for interfering!" Frey's face is pure torture yelling for other vets to come help him as his arms are ready to break. Finally, Frey escapes but is caught in Mr. Wonderful's powerful bearhug/full nelson combo and taken down. The rookie's team up again. Chase88 scissors Frey's legs while Mr. Wonderful scissors Frey's abs. The vet is in excruciating pain and taps out under the pressure, "I'll let you guys wrestle!" The action intensifies: an upside down head scissors, bearhugs, a fireman's carry. Wrestlers are thrown around and body slammed all over the mat leaving a mountain of muscle laid out in defeat! Who will come out on top?