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Mutant vs Flaco - Custom Video Series 27

$ 31.25

This match is not what you think it’s going to be.  On paper, it has all the makings of a predictable, big-crushes-small match – a big, muscular bodybuilder with pecs you could shade under vs a wiry, sinewy guy who looks like the before picture in a Charles Atlas ad!  But on paper is where all that predictability stays…

The first surprise is right at the start of the match.  There is no pre-amble, no trash talk, no belittling of their opponent – there is barely an acknowledging stare before they lock up, which lasts all of a few seconds before Mutant rams Flaco up against the wall.  It’s like someone said “Mutant – smash.”  Because that’s exactly what he does – he smashes his massive fist into Flaco’s abs again and again and again, before throwing him back to the mat like so much garbage.  Mutant follows Flaco down and wraps his arm around his neck in the beginnings of a classic sleeper – and this is where the size difference is seen in vivid relief.  Mutant’s arm is as big as Flaco’s head – you know he could put him out, but its early days and lets him go.

But this is where Mutant’s brutality comes into play – he does it all over again, his punches drilling Flaco’s abs in to the wall like a mallet.  He throw’s Flaco down again and makes for a sleeper, but thinks better of it – instead he pull’s Flaco’s arms back into a shoulder-popping surfboard, his foot pushing Flaco’s torso in the opposite direction to his arms!  You can see the stretch in his chest and the pain on his face as he endures the punishment being doled out to him!

Mutant is truly a sight to behold – so far he hasn’t uttered a single word, preferring to let his muscle and wrestling skill do the talking.  And his muscle is talking LOUDLY! Massive pecs and traps that look like they should have their own base camp, you have to wonder what Flaco was thinking!  Mutant grows bored of the surfboard and releases Flaco.  No respite though – he scoops the smaller guy up into a crushing bearhug, dragging him off the mat and into the air.  Flaco can barely breathe as he grunts out two words: “So. Tight.”  Mutant looks like he could do this all day and you truly believe he could, before he unceremoniously tosses Flaco back to the mat. More punishment to the abs as Mutant harshly kicks him, then drops onto his body for a schoolboy pin – a freeze-frame moment if ever you saw one!  Mutant uses a front-face lock to drag Flaco into his amazing thighs, each of which look bigger than Flaco’s entire upper body!  Just to add pain to, well pain, he twists Flaco up like a prezel as he applies a merciless queeze!

Mutant drags Flaco up and throws him against the wall for another session of ab-bashing – seriously, Mr. Mike needs to get that wall checked for structural stability after this!  Mutant then put’s Flaco’s lithe body on display in a full nelson, the consequences of accepting this match showing in vivid red against his pale skin.  A classic sleeper and Flaco is down!  Mutant drops for a three-count, but he’s not done – the sadistic smile on his face tells you he’s nowhere near finished! He kicks Flaco awake, drags him up and clamps another sleeper on!  This is just overkill!  The kid can barely stand!  Mutant pulls Flaco up into another bearhug, but this time he’s eyeballing the camera as if to dare you into challenging him – it’s clear he considers Flaco to be about as much of a threat to him as the Easter Bunny!

But, there are times in life when sheer desperation and instinct take over and this is one of them for Flaco.  For anyone who wishes they could stand up to a bully, Flaco does it now!  He wildly, almost blindly elbows Mutant repeatedly into those mountainous traps and then low-blows him for good measure!  Now Mutant’s pride and joy, his huge pecs, become his greatest liability as Flaco drives his fingers into the mounds of muscle.  Fans of pec punishment will love this – claws, punches, chops – Flaco executes an awesome revenge for the ab punishment earlier in the match!  A sleeper of his own and Mutant is down!

Flaco shows a dark side as we see he’s not afraid to fight dirty to keep his advantage – anytime Mutant looks like he might rally back, Flaco is waiting with another low blow, or another brutal pec claw (seriously, the way Flaco kneads Mutant’s pecs, he must have been a baker in a former life!)

Can Mutant come back and crush this audacious kid?  Or will Flaco keep a hold of the momentum and surprise us all?  There is but one way to know – get the video today and see for yourself!