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Nero vs Blayne - Mat Rats 117

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Prepare to witness a match so intense, Blayne becomes UNHINGED, and all hell breaks loose! The arrogant rookie sizes up his opponent mocking, "You're a little hairy. Do you not see your legs right now?" "Hairy? I'm sorry I'm not baby skin like you. What do they call you?" The newbie flexes a double bicep, "Nero the hero!" Blayne laughs, "I'm gonna have to show the 'hero' what is going down today!" The muscle hunks tie up as Nero takes the vet down in a tight headlock. "Stay down!" Blayne struggles to breathe as the rookie mounts his abs, pins his arms above his head, and STRETCHES out his legs in a human torture rack! His chiseled frame is ready to break at any moment, "Ahh, feels like 300lbs!" Nero releases and wraps his quads of steel around Blayne in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors. "Get these tree trunks off me!" pleads the vet as he takes his scissors to the mat. "This is too easy, squeeze a little bit harder!" taunts Nero. The muscle stud is slow to get up but barrels in for the attack only to be hoisted up in a massive fireman's carry. "My ribs! There should be a weight class, fatty. I shouldn't be in this ring with you!" groans Blayne as Nero squats him with ease tossing him down. The dominant newb surprises the vet with a CHOKELIFT from behind then stretches him out across his burly chest in mid-air, "I'm gonna break you!" Unable to move, Blayne screams in pain, "Please, my back!" until he is slammed to the mat. A fire begins to ignite inside the vet as he recovers and tries to wrangle in the muscle giant for a takedown, "Big tree will fall hard; you're so heavy!" Finally, Nero crumbles to the mat where Blayne UNLOADS on his abs and delivers a vicious camel clutch. The tides seem to be turning until the rookie begins to stand up in the hold carrying the vet on his back. Panic sweeps across Blayne's face, "What are you doing? Put me down!" "I'll put you down!" Nero falls back CRUSHING the vet like a bug and injuring his groin. The muscle stud rolls on the mat in agony but soon retaliates with a low blow of his own, "Never turn your back on Blayne! We're gonna see what your back can do!" The vet locks in a brutal Boston crab, but it doesn't last long as Nero is able to kick out and cradles Blayne so tight he is eating his knees! "I can't breathe! You gotta let me out of here!" The muscle giant is relentless and wraps his bulging bicep around the vet's neck in a GUILLOTINE CHOKE yanking him to his feet then crushes his ribs with a powerful bearhug! The vet recovers and wants revenge battling back with a GROIN-BREAKING leg stretch and vicious dirty trick leaving Nero in complete agony. "You're gonna know who Blayne is by the end of this match! Welcome to Thunders!" The muscle giant isn't about to go down that easy and delivers a tight full nelson then brutal head scissors. Blayne is in trouble as he struggles to stay conscious, "These giant legs, please!" Nero is in complete control and toys with his victim, "What's my name?" "NERO!" screams Blayne, but the dominant rookie won't release his hold. "Go to sleep!" The vet fights to break the viselike grip of his quads, but his strength begins to fade as he passes out! Nero flexes in victory planting his foot on the beaten and broken muscle stud. Blayne soon wakes up, and this back and forth brutal battle heats up: full nelsons, bearhugs, gut punches, a double pec claw, leg drop, vicious head scissors, football kicks to the abs, head butts, an overhead press! Suddenly, a crazed look appears in the vet's eyes as he paces on the mat. BLAYNE SNAPS, and a darkness takes over that we have never seen, "I hate it when I have to turn it on, these big people!" You won't believe what happens next!