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Nero vs Bull - Bodybuilder Battles 118

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

A raging Bull smells fresh meat ready to deliver this rookie the BEATING of his life! "What's that hair on your jaw; is that like a chin strap?" mocks Nero. Bull is not intimidated as both muscle hunks compare their chiseled abs and bulging biceps. "That's all you got?" The behemoth flexes his mountainous frame totally eclipsing Nero from the camera's view. Out of nowhere, the newbie surprises Bull with a belly to belly bearhug shaking him up and down, but the beast feels nothing even yawning at his weak attempt. Time to teach this newb a lesson! The muscle monster lifts Nero in a massive rear bearhug SQUEEZING the air from his lungs as he feverishly tries kicking out to escape, "Get off me!" "That's how it's done!" A power struggle breaks out as both titans lock up each fighting for the upper hand. Nero breaks away wrangling the big man down to the mat in a tight headlock and tries to scissor his rock-hard abs, but Bull is just too strong easily escaping and delivers a brutal camel clutch. The rookie is in trouble but manages to lean back dropping the heavyweight on his back! An angry Bull sees red and wraps his quads of steel around Nero in a RIB-CRUSHING body scissors, "You're not going anywhere!" Unable to move, the arrogant rookie uses Bull's tree trunk quads to work out and taunts the beast, "Just doing some chest dips. Let me show you how a real man ties you up!" Nero escapes, returns to his feet, and picks up the 250 pounder in a fireman's carry parading him around the mat. A fire burns inside the muscle monster as he sets in motion his plans for TOTAL DEVASTATION, "You just messed up!" As soon as his feet hit the mat, Bull shows Nero what true power feels like. A tight cradle and vicious hammerlock have the rookie struggling on the mat as the behemoth wraps his powerful python around the newb's throat, "Go to sleep, night night!" Nero gasps for air trying desperately to escape his impending doom. His thick muscles begin to slump, and he passes out! Bull flexes in victory but is just getting started. He sits his motionless victim up and clubs him awake, "Good morning, little groggy? You wanna go back to sleep?" The rookie struggles to his feet, "No!" Out of nowhere, Nero delivers a GUILLOTINE CHOKE and flips the muscle beast over for a takedown, "I want you to fall asleep!" With the big man on his back again, the newbie fights to keep his chokehold locked in, but Bull overpowers him and escapes. A bearhug, body scissors, and ARM-BREAKING hammerlocks have Nero screaming for pain under his complete control. "Get up!" orders the dominant beast. A vicious mercy challenge has the rookie crumbling to his knees under the viselike grip of Bull's hulking biceps. He falls to his back as the muscle giant mounts his abs, pins his arms back, and delivers a THUNDEROUS slap across the face even surprising the camera man! Nero lays on the mat unable to move and completely gassed, "The guy's a freakin monster! Tan, jacked, what am I even doing?" Bull returns, and his brutal domination is about to get much, much worse: clotheslines, Boston crab, camel clutches, sleepers, chokelifts, a SKULL-CRUSHING headlock! Tap outs and knock outs are not enough as Bull towers over a broken and beaten Nero, "You're my b****!