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Nero vs Kasee - Battlespace 130

$ 25.95

Brutal blows, dirty tricks, and a SURPRISE wrestler interference...it's a heart-pounding fight to the finish! Thunder's newest rookie and Kasee quickly lock up as the vet is taken down in a chokehold, "The name's Nero, what's your name?" "I'm the champ!" groans Kasee as he's dropped to the mat. "There's a new champ in town!" The vet gets up flexing his washboard abs when he's punched in the gut and taken down again. Kasee isn't about to be shown up by a newb and decides to "teach" him how to flex. The naive rookie poses a double bicep and is taken down with a brutal low blow and CRUSHES his groin with his foot! "Gets every one, every time!" Nero screams in pain stumbling to his feet then picks up the vet in a massive shoulder carry while flexing. "Ahh my ribs! You got a little bit of power!" The rookie tosses his victim to the mat and sits on his back locking in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson. "Give up! Come on Kasee with a K!" The vet refuses, and the punishment continues. A belly to belly bearhug and brutal Boston crab have the vet clawing at the mat to escape, "I can't bend that far, stop!" Nero lets his victim get to his feet pushing him away with 2 fingers! "Not bad Nero, more like zero for zero wins!" The muscle beast toys with the vet challenging him to try and knock him down. Kasee rears back PLOWING into the rookie knocking him off balance but can't bring the big man down. "You're jealous; I'll always be bigger than you!" Kasee is not intimidated, "I'm small and shredded. Big muscles, big talk!" Out of nowhere, the vet jumps on Nero using him like a human jungle gym climbing up and over him for a takedown. Kasee wraps his pythons around the newbie's legs, picks him up UPSIDE DOWN, and slams him to the mat! Nero is completely gassed as the vet plants his knee on his abs and flexes. "Get off! I'm gonna show you a lesson!" The rookie recovers pushing Kasee to the mat and delivers a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors. Off camera, a surprise wrestler BARRELS in with a brutal low blow sparing Kasee from his impending doom. "Where did he come from?" Nero writhes in agony as the vet delivers a dirty trick of his own, "Big guy down, let me teach you a lesson here boy: always face the audience!" Kasee traps the rookie in a tight full nelson as he gasps for air, "My chest is choking me!" Somehow, the rookie finds the strength to escape mocking the vet, "Little people suck!" Kasee sees red and takes the big man down with a STANDING CRUCIFIX rolling him over in a pin as he howls in pain, "I can't move! My shoulder!" Nero recovers and wants revenge. A snapmare takedown, sleeper, Boston crab, and vicious camel clutch have Kasee stretched to his max struggling to breathe! "Should I do some push ups on you?" "You're so fat; you'll probably crush me!" The devious rookie takes his chances and does push ups on Kasee's back CRUSHING him into the mat as he gasps for air! With his back nearly broken, Nero lifts the vet in a devastating TORTURE RACK when the surprise wrestler returns again taking him down with another low blow! Kasee recovers and wraps his bicep around Nero's throat, "I got full control of the big man!" The rookie's eyes begin to roll in the back of his head as he barely escapes with a low blow of his own. The BRUTAL back and forth battle continues: a mercy challenge, ab stretch, clothesline, surfboard, gut punches, an overhead press! Will Nero dethrone Kasee for the win, and who is the SURPRISE wrestler? You gotta see it to find out!