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Nipple Boy vs Kasee and Scrappy - No Holds Barred 150

Nipple Boy vs Kasee and Scrappy - No Holds Barred 150

$ 25.95

How much PAIN can one wrestler take? You are about to find out in this brutal match up! The vets decide to tag team and show new rookie Nipple Boy what Thunders is all about! Scrappy flexes as the newb laughs nearby. "You ain't gonna be laughing when you're pinned on the ground screaming for mercy!" Scrappy gut punches Nipple Boy, but he doesn't even flinch! "You know you're gonna be my b**** today right?" "We'll see about that!" They tie up; out of nowhere, the rookie surprises the vet with a fireman's takedown and goes for a pin. The experienced Scrappy easily slips out and locks in a reverse head scissors giving him a taste of what's to come. Kasee taps in, flexes his powerful pythons, and introduces himself, "I'm the sexiest dude here!" "That's gonna change!" The vet takes the rookie down in a sleeper hold and delivers a RIB-CRUSHING body scissors! Nipple Boy moans in pain but is set free only to be picked up in a massive rear bearhug. "Not so rowdy anymore are you?" "I'm gonna get out of this and throw you!" Kasee tosses his victim face first on the mat. Nipple Boy struggles to his feet but gets payback with fireman's takedown! Unable to capitalize, the vet takes over rolling him into a tight cradle, "You're the first one I fought with pierced nipples. I like playing with you!" Kasee GUT PUNCHES the rookie and tags in his partner. "Want some more?" Scrappy lifts Nipple Boy in a BACK-BREAKING bearhug shaking him as he screams in agony! "Those piercings, think I can just rip one of those out?" The devious vet transitions to a rear bearhug, and the rookie is in trouble! "You're squeezing the air out of me. It hurts!" "You like when my big huge arms are wrapped around you nice and tight?" Nipple Boy breaks away, recovers, and retaliates with a bearhug of his own, "Tighter than i thought!" A mercy challenge breaks out as Scrappy CLUBS the rookie down to the mat and twists his nipples! "You're gonna be by new toy today. Does that sound fun to you?" The muscle stud rolls the rookie over for a crippling camel clutch and TWISTS his nipples even harder! "Feels good!" Scrappy mounts Nipple Boy's furry chest; Kasee barrels in and CLOTHESLINES his partner, so he can have a shot at squeezing his nipples, "You like this?" "Sometimes I like pain!" Both hunks get back to their feet as the newb charges in with a belly to belly bearhug. "Not bad!" Kasee gasps for air and is slammed down! Nipple Boy takes over mounting the vet and gut punches his abs. "Is that all you got?" He breaks away with a vicious head scissors as the newb cries out, "Your thighs are so strong!" Scrappy is back, and the domination gets even more brutal: bearhugs, shoulder carry, pec claws! Nipple Boy wants MORE PAIN taunting the vet, "Bet you won't try to drag me up by my nipples!" Scrappy is up for the challenge, squeezes his nipples, and begins lifting him off the mat to his feet! The rookie groans in agony but enjoys every minute as Scrappy is in disbelief, "You got some tough nipples, but I'm gonna do something that you're gonna hate! You like to suffer don't you?" He gut punches his victim down and delivers a BONE-SHATTERING leg lock! Nipple Boy has never felt pain like this before and rolls on the mat trying to escape. "I can't take it anymore. I give!" The tag team continues their torture: back breakers, low blows, Boston crab, banana split, a STANDING CRUCIFIX! How much pain can Nipple Boy take before he passes out? You won't believe your eyes!