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Njustice bolt headscissors submission hold submit

NJustice vs Bolt - Mat Rats 70

$ 25.95

Bolt is working on his posing in the matroom, showing the camera his progress in the gym.  Thunder’s Arena’s latest wrestler, NJustice, enters and he’s clearly looking for a fight!  Bolt can barely ask who this guy is before NJustice catches him with a vicious leg to the midsection, a perfectly executed snapmare and a hard stomp to Bolt’s pride-and-joy abs!  NJustice might be new to Thunder’s, but he’s clearly no slouch on the mats!  He has a mean streak too as he rubs his meaty forearm over Bolt’s face before digging his fingers deep into Bolt’s abs in a claw!  Bolt is in a world of pain, screaming in agony as his abs are torn apart!  

NJustice pulls Bolt up by his hair, only to snapmare him back down before clamping TWIN CLAW HOLDS on Bolt’s traps!  Bolt manages to stand, but a devastating kick to the spine sends him back down – NJustice is giving a masterclass in pain!  NJustice has the potential to be one of Thunder’s nastiest heels as he twists Bolt’s arm and bends his fingers back the wrong way!  Is he here to wrestle or just destroy?!  Bolt refuses to submit!  A chinlock, chest pounding and a bodyscissors have the ripped Bolt hurting!  A nasty cheap-shot rake to the eyes thwarts Bolt’s attempt at escaping NJustice’s monstrous quads, but he still refuses to give!  An atomic drop straight into a Stronghold Crab then a full Boston!  A finger-breaking arm bar, camel clutches, cross-face, bearhugs – if you’ve got a favourite hold, it’s probably used in this match!  And the match is far, far from over!

This is one of the most viciously compelling matches in the history of Thunder’s Arena – you won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen!  An arsenal of holds, dirty tricks, vicious attitude - NJustice is a classic heel in the making. Can Bolt rally and come back to claim a victory?  Will NJustice continue his brutal dominance of Bolt’s body?  Either way, this match is truly a classic and an essential watch – get it today!