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Cameron Mathews Antonio grapple wrist clutch pecs chest

Cameron Mathews vs Antonio - No Holds Barred 10

$ 31.25

Beefier than ever before, Cameron Mathews is ready for anything the Arena can offer him. Still, hes got a ways to go to match Antonio in size. Wrestling Antonio is kinda like wrestling Devils Tower in Wyoming. Or, hell, it might be like wrestling the whole state of Wyoming. Antonio is more a geological formation than a flesh-and-blood human being absorbing blows without flinching and apparently impervious to most wrestling assaults. He swats away Camerons attempt to apply pec claws to his musclebound chest, and responds with a mountainous bearhug which slides into a full nelson that might crush most men's shoulders like a saltine. But Cameron is no kid and hes never shied away from a challenge or tough competition. Antonio sees it as not just his destiny but his natural right to master and control the smaller wrestler. Without making much of an effort, he lets his massive iron muscle speak for him, like a Japanese sumo wrestler. Cameron wont shut his smart mouth, which at first seems his best and maybe only strategy, egging the big guy on with taunts and insults, but how effective is psychological warfare against a land mass? While a scissors hold crushes Camerons waist, the strapping young pros repeated attempts to clasp his opponents muscle are frustrated by the fact that Antonio has about as much body fat to latch onto as a V8 engine. But what Cameron lacks in bulk, he makes up for in maneuverability and he uses this advantage to good effect in move upon move against the steadfast man-mountain. This is a match for fans of bearhugs, wedgies, body blows, chokes, camel clutches, dirty tricks, scissors, and stretches. Cameron executes most of the moves, in a slow but steady attempt to wear the brute down by erosion, since the man seems to be impervious to most rapid assaults. But the highlight here is a climactic and humiliating sleeper hold. This is a fine showcase for a feisty and charismatic scrapper like Mathews, whose phenomenal development, as a bodybuilder and a wrestler, here at Thunders Arena and elsewhere, has kept the Internet buzzing for the past year or so