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Zman Dallas head lock arms biceps chest

Zman vs Dallas - No Holds Barred 13

$ 31.25

After getting beat by Big Sexy and forced to be the victors personal slave for 24 hours, Dallas cant understand what brings him back to the Arena. More humiliation? Another defeat? Indignity heaped on top of indignity? Sure, he managed to sneak in a little passive resistance to Sexys oppressionthanks to Dallas, many of us will never again look at an ice cube the same waybut the poor guy is beginning to think his career as a wrestler at Thunders Arena has turned into a joke. All he wants now is a redeeming moment to turn his life around. Zman, of course, is the last man to offer the sad sack a little encouragement. The male model with the Armani profile and a Greek gods torso mocks Dallas, rubbing salt into the wound by demanding that Dallas run his errands now. When the Texan replies that Sexy had to beat him before proclaiming himself his master, Zman boasts that he, The Zman, is the only wrestler that deserves to have a slave. In his mind, to be Zs slave would be an honor most men would covet. His contempt and arrogance stir up Dallass ire. When Zman tells Dallas to fetch him a towel, Dallas wipes his butt with one and flings it into Zacks face. And the fight is on. Dallas tackles Zman, but Zman knows his way around a fight, even pitted against a bigger man like Dallas, and in no time the tables are turned, and it looks like the Lone Star grappler might once again have to find creative ways to serve cold drinks. Tap out, towel boy, Zman sneers. But the insults strike a nerve, rousing Dallass pride and his wrath. To Zman, Dallas is somebody of no importance, a zeros omebody he doesn't know and he doesn't need to know. And to Dallas, Zman is a phony, a flashy egotist who needs to be knocked down a peg or two. He accuses Zack of stuffing a sock in his crotch to look more of a man than he actually is and accuses Zman of having pec implants. Neither man is the type to submit. Not today, anyway. They want to prove themselves manlier and tougher, and it isnt long before they start snatching up waistbands into wedgies and using dirty tricks to emasculate their opponent. Tap out, Zman threatens at one point, or youre never going to have kids in your life! But with one hand, the big Texan hoists the gym-toned Zman by the neck, using his free hand to put a tight submission hold you don't want to miss! Gut punching and choking round out the bodily abuse in an unpredictable match that never lets up even to its startling finish where the requested towel makes one final and fateful appearance. Fans of the No Holds Barred series are going to love this oneone of those battles you feel in your bones and no doubt these guys will need to sit on an ice pack for a couple of hours when its over. Ouch!