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Zman flexes his incredible bicep to force some muscle worship while torturing Lex in a headscissors

Zman vs Lex - No Holds Barred 14

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Zman is an idiot. He starts off thinking this is an audition match when in reality it is Lex's first real match after getting hired. Zman running at the mouth wont let Lex get a word in. Suddenly Lex blows a gasket on Zman constantly interrupting him and attacks! Lex hits Z from behind, crushing his head in a headlock. Zman picks up Lex, while still in the headlock, and slams him to the mat so hard he bounced. Z spears Lex's back with his knee while choking him at the same time. Zman cheats as always with his favorite dirty trick. Zman puts the squeeze on Lex almost getting the submission he is straining to get.Lex breaks free and throws Z over his shoulder then slamming him on the ground.Lex decides to humiliate Zman in a way you won't believe. They go back and forth in a battle of all out war with gut punching and cheap shots that you don't want to miss, especially the head scissors battle. Who will come out on top?