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Sledge traps Zman in a bodyscissors in Thunders Arena

Zman vs Sledge - No Holds Barred 15

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

"If you touch the Zman's jewels, the Zman is gonna have to go ape shit on you." He is TIRED of dirty tactics and wants his opponent Sledge to understand the rules. "You're not in Zman's level. You have no idea how to wrestle!" Sledge isn't intimidated, "You're crazy man. Have you taken your pills today? You think you know how to deal with me?" asks Sledge. Zman calls Sledge "second rate" and calls himself "first class."
Zman offers Sledge a free shot and lays on the mat. "If you start on your back, this match will last 3 seconds!" says Sledge. "I was born ready!" says Zman. Sledge KICKS him in the balls. "Dumbass! You are making this way too easy." He kicks him in the balls AGAIN and CHOKE-LIFTS Zman in the air. The veteran is GASPING for air!
"At least I look better than you, look at these abs!" Sledge SMOTHERS Zman's face against his washboard abs and CHOPS his chest repeatedly. "I'm so good I'll give you a free shit!" says Sledge. Zman begins GUT PUNCHING Sledge which turns into a GUT PUNCH BATTLE. Both wrestlers pounding each other's abs! You can see actual red marks forming on both men. Sledge ends the battle and BALL CLAWS Zman taking him down!
"All talk!" says Sledge as he KICKS Zman's balls again. "You still alive?" Sledge picks him up in a RIB-CRUSHING bearhug SHAKING him up and down. He then stands on Zman's back and YANKS back on his arms! The veteran is GASPING for air and escapes. "Get the hell away from me! I don't got time for you!" screams Zman. 
Sledge picks Zman up in a FIREMAN'S CARRY shaking him up and down. "Come on, let me go!" He locks in a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissor; his thick muscular quads SQUEEZING tighter and tighter! Sledge isn't done and locks in a RIB-CRUSHING body scissor. 
Zman is being DESTROYED! Sledge sits on his chest flexing his BOULDER biceps. "I'll get you when you get off me!" moans Zman. "You ready for it Zman?" Sledge begins GUT PUNCHING the veteran's abs repeatedly and BALL CLAWS him. It appears like Sledge is gonna let Zman go. "Do not think about it!" orders Zman. Sledge isn't done and BALL CLAWS Zman again until he PASSES OUT from the pain! You gotta see it to believe it!