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Eric Fury Uno surfboard stretch arms pecs abs

Eric Fury vs Uno - No Holds Barred 16

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

After a long and awesome night partying, Eric Fury is just trying to get some much needed shut eye. Uno decides to help him wake up for breakfast with some smacks. As Eric sits up to get out of bed, Uno jumps in and makes a run at him. Eric counters with "good morning" head scissors that Uno laughs at. "You gotta get a little higher to crack my back". These muscle bound wrestlers proceed battle it out on the bed. Uno's choke holds and powerful knee smashes bring yelps of pain from Eric. He attacks even more determined bearhugs, gut punching, painful head scissors and a few dirty tricks. Eric can't resist showing off when he starts to dominate by posing and flexing his powerful chest and biceps. The action spills onto the floor with smashes, as Eric keeps Uno down with his chest and abs, then tries to school boy pin him to add insult to injury. Uno explodes out from under Eric and slings him back into the bed. Eric suddenly finds himself trapped between Uno's powerful thighs in painful head scissors. Will these two stay friends or is this the end of their friendship? What this match and find out.