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Batar Dominic head scissors pecs

Batar vs Dominic - No Holds Barred 17

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

What happens when two frat boys get hungry? They decide to heat up some frozen pizza's for lunch, but Batar burns the pizza REALLY bad and decides to try and play it off as extra crispy to Dominic. Dominic's is furious Batar would pull a stunt of trying to get him to eat a pizza that Batar wouldn't ever eat himself and try and trick Dominic into eating burnt pizza. Well now the war is on and they take it to the mat to finish! Watch as these two battle it out using bearhugs, scissor holds, and even a few gorrilla presses you just don't want to miss. Dominic full nelson's Batar so hard we thought he was surly going to give but he held on. So now Dominic is left with nothing more than a few dirty tricks to get his submission. The crazy part is they started turning this match into who was going to be the others servant for the day. So the winner of this match will have the loser server him for the day, that's going to be interesting to watch! Who wins? Get this match and find out who is going to be the servant.