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Dominic Zman camel clutch arms biceps

Dominic vs Zman - No Holds Barred 19

$ 25.95

Zman heard that Dominic needs some help with learning how to trash talk, and get him to stop repeating himself. So Zman decides he's gonna give Dominic some lessons. Only problem is that Dominic doesn't want help, but Zman is determined to give him a lesson if he likes it or not. Will Zman teach him a lesson and show him how to really talk and not repeat himself over and over, or will Dominic show him its not nice to poke his nose where it doesn't belong? Using moves like bear hugs, choke holds, camel clutches, body scissors, arm bars, spladle, Boston crabs, head scissors, over the knee back breaker, and a pendulum swing, who will dominate the other? Find out in this action packed match.