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Luger Batar bearhug lift carry thighs

Luger vs Batar - No Holds Barred 22

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Batar creeps into a bedroom, hoping to get a jump on Kasper, still riled after their run-in in No Holds Barred 20. Instead, he awakes a sleeping giant named Luger, who does not take kindly to anybody cutting into his nap time. Consider this episode Thunders Arenas unique take on the Goldilocks story, except that our blond weighs in at 240 pounds and can smash porridge bowls with a single flex of his biceps! As if to prove this point, Luger immediately hauls Batar up in the air and slams him down on the mattress, straddles his waist, and growls, Why you waking me up like that? Batar tries to apologize, but obviously, by the laws that govern the Arena, hes in for an inevitable whupping. Lugers cast iron slabs of muscle are sure to astound fans, especially as he clamps Batars ribcage in a nerve-jangling bearhug. Burly Batar retaliates and the bedtime story suddenly morphs into the kind of slow-motion monster

battle that over the years has destroyed Tokyo twenty times or more. Headscissors, pelvic thrusts, ball twists, ass smacks, and rear-naked chokes bring us the side of the tale the storybooks never showed us. There's even an arm-wrestling challenge thrown into the mix. The victor ultimately gains an unambiguous submission, resolving the two big lugs differences like real men before setting off in search of the perfect protein shake not too foamy, not too sweet, but just right