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Braden Charron Batar head scissors bicep arms

Braden Charron vs Batar - No Holds Barred 25

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

When Braden Charron backs him into the bedroom with a loaded water rifle, Batar is not amused, in no mood today for boyish horseplay. I'll stick it up your ass, he threatens. Braden flings the toy aside, and

the two muscle men lock up, using the king-size bed as a wrestling mat. In seconds, Braden has Batar wrapped up in a small tight package, releasing him only to stretch him across the crimson bedspread, exerting agonizing pressure on every joint in the mans burly body. Batar thrusts free and fights back with vigor, but the studly newcomer dominates the first third of this match, trapping Batar in a rear naked choke and promising to put you to sleep like my little brother. But its a long long time till bedtime; Batar gives Braden as good as he takes, in one of the recruits most challenging matches to date. Next time, Braden might want to think twice about not wearing a protective cup around Batar, who revels in low blows and cheap shots. Swinging loose in his pink polka-dot bikini, Braden offers an irresistible target for Batars clutch. After attacking his cocky opponent at the mans most vulnerable point, the Gaelic warrior proceeds to bend Braden in two in a Boston crab, burying the newcomers face in the pillows. Batars the name, he crows, ass-kickings my game! Sneaky Braden then challenges Batar to a posedown to get him to let his guard down so he can attack yet again. He forces Batar facedown to the mattress and then scissors his head, from which vantage he bends Batars body in every imaginable position. Then Batar returns the favor, tricking Braden into showing off his flawless double bicep pose, only to wrap him in a groaning bearhug, then throwing him down on the mattress and attacking the mans balls yet again. These well-matched foes offer their fans an exhilarating give-and-take fight that climaxes when the victor lays his victim on his back and crushes his head between his massive thighs at the edge of the bed, delivering some stiff jabs at the mans exposed midsection, aiming right at the navel. Its beddy bye for the loser at the end of yet another must-see no-holds-barred match from Thunders Arena.