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Luger Atom bearhug lift carry thighs legs arms

Luger vs Atom - No Holds Barred 30

$ 25.95

Luger fans everywhere have to be thrilled to see the big sandy haired muscle beast back in Thunder's arena. In this match, he shows yet another opponent that when you get on the mat with this powerhouse you end up being nothing more than a punk for Luger to play with. This video ends with Luger laughing as he tells the tough and impressive newcomer Atom, "Luger - don't forget that name, punk" as Atom is left rolling around in pain after having his head in a scissors between the tree trunk legs of Luger - and a few dirty tricks from the big beast. But did anyone think this match would end otherwise? Thunder fans know Luger is a powerhouse who loves dominating his opponents almost as much as he loves admiring his own massive and magnificent body - but who can blame him? The video starts out really hot with scrappy, tough, muscular new guy Atom rolling around on the mat with the much bigger Luger, giving as much as he gets. Fans of the smaller Atom can almost hope he might put the big beast down. But lets face it, when men compete for domination on the wrestling mat, muscle and size mean a lot. This match is no exception. Atom never had a chance. After a few very hot minutes of some sweaty grunting and rolling around by these two gorgeous hunks, Luger puts Atom in a full Nelson that makes it clear smaller Atom has nowhere to go and is in a place nobody wants to be. After half a dozen attempts using all he's got to power out of Luger's rock solid full nelson, Atom eventually passes out, to the amusement of the cocky 240 pound Luger. Luger wastes no time going into a victory flex, showing off those massive guns and thick pecs, reminding all Luger fans why they wanted this big hunk of manhood back in Thunder's Arena. This guy is so hot it makes it want to drop to your knees when you see him flex. But as Luger fans know from prior videos, the big man is sometimes a cool dude with his smaller opponents who show him respect, telling the smaller and beaten Atom, "Hey dude, you had no chance against my full nelson." That might be obvious to all fans of Luger's gigantic 20" guns, but Atom doesn't back down and, perhaps foolishly, calls it a "Lucky shot." Atom again takes on the big man only to find himself quickly crushed by a bear hug from the muscle beast and is put down once more. Realizing he needs to level the playing field, Atom puts Luger's neck in a leg scissors. This is probably Atom's best moment against Luger. But it doesn't last long and paybacks are a bitch - especially paybacks from a bodybuilder. It takes only a short while before Luger has poor Atom dropping to the mat after a bear hug so powerful it would break the ribs of an average Joe. If you had any doubts about how much Luger loves dominating guys with his incredible body, they should be gone after watching him humiliate Atom by flexing and laughing while Atom writhes in pain on the mat. Showing what a tough competitor he is, Atom tries yet again to gain some control of the match with another grab to Luger's big package. Unfortunately for Atom, the result is the same. Any semblance of control lasts only long enough for Luger to shake off the crotch grab, followed by punishment from the awesome power of Luger. Not surprisingly, because Luger loves to punish his opponents. Luger eventually puts Atom in a leg scissors around his neck, which could end any opponent by itself, but then he goes right back into dirty cheating tricks, showing that "no holds barred" works both ways. What could be more painful and intimidating than having your neck between Luger's huge thighs. Luger loves every second of it. The match then deteriorates into a demonstration of Luger's arrogance, with Luger kissing his own bicep during a punishing bear hug of Atom and then laughing as he drops the crushed smaller wrestler to the mat telling him "Get up boy. Class is still in session." But Atom shows his muscular body has still got some power as he gamely puts massive Luger on his shoulders and attempts a back breaker. But Luger is too much man for such a move by a guy of Atom's size. Atom struggles to hold the big beefy bodybuilder as Luger laughs and taunts him saying "You can't do it" and reminds the smaller wrestler how much bigger and stronger Luger is. The match ends with Luger putting Atom into yet another leg scissors around Atom's neck and kissing his own guns as he laughs about his power and dominance. Once again, we hear that deep cocky laugh of Luger saying "Give up boy." For Luger fans this is awesome. For Atom, or any opponent of Luger, it's a nightmare on the mat. This is a really hot match with a tough, smaller guy being totally owned by one of the hottest, most dominant big men on the Thunder's Arena roster. Welcome back Luger. Hope you will stay Atom.