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Dominic Specimen over the knee backbreaker pecs chest arms

Dominic vs Specimen - No Holds Barred 31

$ 34.75

When two big bulls meet, they know only one can lead the herd. So there is a dance, as both show their power and try to intimidate the other. This is what happens when Dom the Dominator meets the massive, undefeated Specimen. The atmosphere sizzles with testosterone as these two hugely muscled mat veterans try to intimidate each other into submission before locking up in combat. The video starts with Dom wolfing down a meal before his match. Specimen shows up and the two alpha males greet each other with disrespect. Then massive Specimen heads outside to warm up. Specimen is wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt so tight it shows off every massive inch of his upper body. Specimen lifts for a while before Dom comes outside, takes the weights, adds more weight and starts lifting. Specimen takes off his shirt, showing his massive upper body, and tells Dom in his baritone voice, Just watching you is making me hot. Dom is unfazed, telling Specimen Its not the first time Ive heard that. Specimen strips off his sweat pants, leaving his massively muscled body in string bikini briefs. Dom strips off his shirt and continues to lift. Youre about to get smoked arrogant Specimen says while pushing Dom into the house with his massive pecs against Doms chest. The intimidation contest moves to the bedroom and some extended bearhugs and flexing for the camera follows. Specimen throws Dom onto the bed asking Dominator, huh? The two lock up, using the bed as a wrestling mat. The massive thighs wrapping in each up in head scissors and body scissors. Plus many school boy pins as they go back and forth with an amazing bear hug at the end. Which one of these big, powerful, bulls will dominate the other?