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Ace Hanson Dallas head scissors pecs chest

Ace Hanson vs Dallas - No Holds Barred 04

$ 31.59

Ace Hanson is laying on the mat after a really rough wrestling match. Dallas checks to see if he is ok and they start talking. Both wrestlers recognize each other from some secret work, and threaten to out each other to everyone in Thunder's Arena. They square off and Ace makes the first move, grabbing Dallas around the neck to tie up. After wrestling around for a bit, Ace gets Dallas pinned to the mat. Dallas manages to get free after a while a leg scissors Ace around the waist. After trading a few body blows, Ace gets control and pins Dallas on the mat for a while, then pulls him up with his arms pinned behind his back and stretches him backward. Dallas breaks free and then grabs Ace in a bearhug. He drops Ace on the mat and the two of them wrestle around taking turns getting each other in various holds. Ace stretches Dallas out in a painful banana split. After Dallas recovers from the banana split, they lock up and Ace turns Dallas around for a reverse bearhug. The two wind up on the mat where Ace smothers Dallas in his armpit and the two of them wrestle around playing dirty tricks on each other. After trapping Dallas' head between his thighs for a very long time, Ace rolls off lets him go. They lock up again and this time Dallas gets the advantage and pins Ace and manages to get his arm in a painful armbar. Ace fights back and takes control of Dallas and picks him up onto his shoulder. He carries him around for a minute, then drops him on the mat. They lock up again and this time Dallas is able to pick Ace up. He has Ace across his shoulders, then drops him and lands on top of him. Ace takes advantage of the position and grabs Dallas' arms with his arms and legs. With Dallas trapped, Ace rolls back, forcing Dallas to stretch backward. After stretching him back several times, Dallas breaks free and quickly grabs Ace's legs in a boston crab. Ace gets free and the two dance around a bit while trash talking each other. Ace grabs Dallas again and gets him in a reverse bearhug that he holds onto for a while. When Dallas gets free of the bearhug, Ace grabs him again and gets him down on the mat where he traps Dallas' head between his thighs. With his head trapped, Ace grabs Dallas' leg and stretches him out while giving him a few painful gut punches. He eventually swings around so he can Dallas in a schoolboy pin. He continues to manhandle Dallas and wrestles him around until he can grab his arm in an armbar. They lock up again and Ace gets the advantage, getting Dallas in an over the knee back breaker mixed with a few dirty tricks. There is a lot more to see in this match you won't want to miss.