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Ace Hanson vs Cameron Mathews - No Holds Barred 07

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Ace Hanson is warming up, wondering who he will be wrestling today when Cameron Mathews walks in. After a bit of trash talk back and forth the two tie up and start to wrestle. Cameron is his usual acrobatic self and does a backward somersault out of the first tie up. Cameron swings around to bearhug Ace from behind. He manages to get Ace's arms pinned behind his back. He uses his knee to push Ace down onto his knees. Ace breaks out of the hold and comes back at Cameron. Grabbing Cameron around the waist, he picks him up into a bearhug, then slams him down on the mat. Ace comes back at Cameron as if he's trying to get him into another bearhug, but Cameron flips him over and he lands on his back with Cameron on top of him. Cameron manages to get his legs around Ace's waist for a body scissors, but can't hold it as Ace simply powers his way out of it and gets on top of Cameron. You can't call Cameron out this early in the match as he brings his legs up to scissor Ace's neck while he grabs Ace's arm and pulls it up into a painful armbar. He keeps Ace trapped in his legs for quite a while before Ace is able to throw his own leg over Cameron to help force his way free. Cameron is a quick thinker and flips over top of Ace and stands up while holding in to Ace's leg. He stands on Ace's other leg and pulls him into a banana split. Ace shifts his weight, causing Cameron to fall backward and he gets free. Ace dives for Cameron's legs, but Cameron jumps up and Ace misses. Cameron flips around before Ace has time to think and grabs him around the waist. They wrestle around on the mat for a bit with Cameron calling the shots, ending up with Ace back in another banana split. He moves around to put Ace's leg in a figure 4. I want to tell you what some of these next holds are, but I think Cameron makes them up as he goes. You just have to see them for yourself. Ace powers out of Cameron's hold and picks him up and looks like he is going to slam him down on the mat, but Cameron uses dirty tricks to make Ace re-think and let go of him. Cameron tortures Ace for the next several minutes, controlling him by his legs. Ace struggles a lot before managing to get away from Cameron. Ace tries again to pick Cameron up, but hasn't learned his lesson from the last time, so Cameron, once again, uses dirty tricks to make Ace let go. Cameron doesn't let up with the dirty tricks. He keeps it up till you can't help but feel sorry for Ace. Cameron lets up just long enough for Ace to stagger to his feet, when Cameron comes right back and starts elbowing Ace in the head. The next little move is completely unexpected and makes Ace fall to the floor. You just have to see it. It may even make you laugh. Ace isn't laughing, though. He comes back at Cameron with a vengeance. He picks him up again, only this time Cameron can't use his old tricks. Ace has him upside down. He carries him around before slamming him down on the mat. He picks Cameron up by the hair, then slams him back down. He keeps this up for a while, finally picking him up over his head before slamming him down hard. Before Cameron can react, Ace wraps his legs around his neck while pulling his arm back into an armbar. Ace keeps control of Cameron, using his legs to put him into humiliating holds. He gets Cameron in a backward headlock and uses dirty tricks to torture him, then drops him on the mat. He grabs him again and lifts him up over his head. He drops him on the mat, then climbs on top of him to pin him, then starts gut punching him while Cameron is laying on his back. Ace grabs his head and wraps his legs around Cameron's neck, then rolls over with Cameron's neck still trapped. Ace picks Cameron up by his trunks, giving him a wedgie, then throws him up against the wall. He picks him up again to carry him around, then drops him. Ace takes a moment to flex for the camera while Cameron tries to recover. He uses dirty tricks to pick Cameron up, then shows him off for the camera. He drops him on the mat, then lays on top of him to trap him. When he climbs off, he also wraps his legs around Cameron's waist in a body scissor. He lets go just long enough to grab Cameron again into a camel clutch. The beginning of the end starts with a boston crab...