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Zman Eric Fury choke lift carry back arms

Zman vs Eric Fury - No Holds Barred 09

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Some of Thunder Arena's wrestlers are arguing over who gets to play a video game and decide settle the fight by drawing straws to see who has to fight each other. Zman and Eric Fury end up being matched to go first. These two hate each other as I think Zman is personally jealous of Eric's good looks and feels threatened by this new up and comer to Thunder's Arena. They circle up and then Eric attacks. Eric tries to use his power to manhandle Zman in a a series of bearhugs, leg scissors, lifts and over the knee back breakers. Zman struggles under the weight of Eric's body as he tries to squeeze out of these body smashing holds. That ticks off Zman enough to where he decides enough is enough and whips out the dirty tricks bag. Now the fight is ON and both men are hot to destroy each other in any way possible. You don't want to miss the crazy chest slaps, school boy pins, and body grinding these two do as they battle it out NO RULES style until one is left on the mat in a wasted lump. The powerful lifts and aggression in this match are amazing!