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Outback vs Duke - Mat Wars 153

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Duke takes Outback down quickly in a schoolboy pin flexing his shredded abs and biceps. Outback counters throwing Duke off and locking him in a full nelson from behind making him scream like his bitch! Duke powers out and starts bragging about his muscles. Two bodybuilders tie up with Duke locking in a TIGHT chest to chest bearhug squeezing the air out of Outback and trying to pop his ribs out of place! Outback attacks locking in a full nelson. Outback resorts to a bearhug. Duke crushes Outback knocking the wind out of him! In a stunning turn, Duke then twists pinning him down. Duke doesn't waste time and wraps his massive quads around Outback's body and squeezes! Outback screams for mercy then cheats using a ball claw to get out of Duke's strong grip. Outback Boston crab's to destroy Duke's lower back. Duke locks in a DEEP sleeper hold and Outback is passing out! Is he going to tap out? Duke kicks the shit out of Outback's rock hard abs with a series of gut punches. Outback gets pissed and more aggressive. Outback uses ab stretches and rear sleepers but can't seem to make Duke submit or go to sleep. Duke carries Outback over his shoulders. The new rookie doesn't have any quit in him and keeps coming! But Duke is nobody's bitch so he uses his power to slap on a full nelson, sleeper holds, body scissors, and a rear sleeper body scissor combo making Outback beg for more mercy! Will Duke finally be the best? Or is Outback going to sucker him with another dirty trick? Find out who wins! Download today.