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Outback vs Reggie With Jaguar - No Holds Barred 217

$ 31.59

Reggie is flexing all of his 260 pounds of dense muscle for the camera when Jaguar comes out of nowhere and begins messing with him! Using his speed, Jaguar bounces around Reggie as he attempts to grab him. It works for a short time until Reggie catches Jaguar in a TIGHT bearhug before tossing him down and flexing on him. Reggie sits his ass firmly on Jaguar's face smothering him before standing and continuing his flexing. Jaguar keeps moving around Reggie using his speed and unpredictable moves to keep Reggie on his toes. Jaguar finally gets Reggie pinned to the bed, but Reggie throws him off the bed before making him tap out! Jaguar keeps locked in when Reggie lets go but Reggie is much too strong for Jaguar to overpower! Reggie keeps pinning Jaguar down with all 260 pounds of muscle! OUT OF NOWHERE, FALCON POPS UP AND LOCKS REGGIE IN A SLEEPER HOLD! Falcon and Jaguar tag team Reggie as he fights to break free. When he does break free, the two small guys are in trouble! Reggie lifts Falcon up in a massive CHOKE LIFT! Just as he is about to pass out, Stevie comes in and takes Falcon away for a match of their own. 

The action continues as Reggie locks up Jaguar in a brutal figure four choke putting Jaguar to sleep! He wakes him up just to put him back out. Reggie walks off and returns with a weapon to use against Jaguar. He takes his weapon and spreads Jaguar across the bed and cocks back to SPANK JAGUAR'S ASS with the weapon!  But Outback runs in and drops Jaguar on the bed letting Jaguar spank Reggie with the weapon. And Outback isn't done he locks in a sleeper hold as Reggie fights to his feet, but soon gives out dropping to his kneed and slowly passing out! Outback throws in a couple spanks of his own and wakes the sleeping bodybuilder. Reggie gets up angry! He twists Outback in a vicious ab stretch trying to make him tap out! Outback fights and breaks free locking in a bearhug and lifts the 260 pound Reggie over his shoulders and drops him on the bed. He gives his ass a spank before using a Boston crab to crank on Reggie's back! Reggie fights exhaustion and Outback takes full advantage using bearhugs, and ab stretches to work Reggie over. But Reggie uses a HOT ball claw to gain the advantage back before schoolboy pinning Outback cutting off the circulation in Outback's neck! Will a 260 pound bodybuilder sitting on Outback's neck be enough to put him away for good?