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PeeWee vs Marco - Halloween Havoc 2016 Round 4

$ 30.00

Walking home from a leather bar, PeeWee is stopped by Officer Marco (wearing a mustache last seen in Police Academy!), who tries to arrest him for indecent exposure!  What, trunks and a leather vest aren’t suitable attire for the street?  PeeWee has been working extremely hard on his body and has no intention of hiding the results of his hard work!  Office Marco warns PeeWee not to resist arrest – PeeWee responds by tearing Marco#s mustache clean off his face!  Ouch!  PeeWee literally takes on the law as he kicks Marco in the chest!  Marco manages to get PeeWee down to the ground and tries to cuff him, but PeeWee’s just too darned big!  Marco tries to subdue PeeWee with chokes and a headscissor, but PeeWee escapes!  A cheap gut shot from PeeWee stuns Marco long enough for the villain to rip his shirt off!  Now clad in only trunks and leather gloves, the match is on!

PeeWee catches Marco in a rib-bending bearhug, Marco’s tiny blue briefs barely containing his glutes as he struggles to escape PeeWee’s clutches! He does and unleashes a flurry of kicks and punches to PeeWee, blow after blow after blow, but he absorbs the punishment, daring Marco to go again and again!  Suddenly, PeeWee lunges forwards, slapping another bearhug on the unsuspecting officer!  PeeWee drops Marco and starts flexing for the camera before landing a cheap shot slap to Marco’s crotch!  Marco doubles over as PeeWee unleashes a barrage of body blows to Marco’s midsection, before trapping the lawman in a full nelson!  Another shot to the crotch has Marco on the ground, a prime target for PeeWee’s stomps!  PeeWee is looking truly huge and dominant as he lifts Marco up and slams him back down, stacking him on his neck.  A humiliating spank motivates Marco to escape, letting loose with gut punches to bring PeeWee down.  Marco is far from done as he mounts PeeWee, pounding the villain’s pecs again and again and again!  Marco is on a roll, slapping a hammer lock on PeeWee, changing to an arm bar with added ball claw for good measure!  Switching tactics, Marco applies a leg lock, torqueing PeeWee’s knee – PeeWee is mad!  Hoisting Marco up into a torture rack, PeeWee starts stomping around, every step jarring Marco’s spine – then PeeWee starts doing squats!  Marco can’t take anymore and begs PeeWee “No more!”

The first battle has gone to PeeWee but this war of good vs bad is nowhere near finished! Foreign objects, ball lifts, armbar combos, chicken wings – one wrestler is even totally humiliated in his own signature move!  PeeWee’s flexing leaves him open for a crucifix hold from Marco, who adds his own touch to the move!  Standing headscissors, elbow smashes to the spine, there is a definite undercurrent of animosity between these two men!  Holds are applied, reversed and counter-reversed in this battle between two of Thunder’s Arena’s most enduring superstars!  Get this match today to see who leaves victorious and who is laid flat out on the mat!