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PeeWee Marco pinned chest pecs arms

PeeWee vs Marco - No Holds Barred 54

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

#2 Best Seller for November 2015

PeeWee is back, looking bigger and stronger than ever. He is chalk full of energy and ready to go! He’s jumping up and down getting himself pumped when Marco comes in and starts trash talking. He’s making fun of his name and wondering why he’s called PeeWee, these guys are goofing off before they start wrestling. These guys are both trash talkers and are non stop while they’re wrestling. Marco gets the first pin and puts PeeWee into a schoolboy pin who is not very excited to be there. Marco flips him over and then puts him into a head scissors to keep his crotch in PeeWee’s face who does not enjoy that position at all. PeeWee is pissed off and starts his retaliation, throwing Marco around before picking him up into a crushing bearhug. Marco’s screaming in pain when PeeWee throws him up over his shoulder and starts making fun of how small he is. PeeWee’s flexing and showing off when Marco works his way free and they fall to the mat, where Marco has him immediately back into a head scissors, PeeWee’s favorite. Marco reaches around and starts to bend PeeWee into a painful banana split. He’s stretching down PeeWee’s legs and trash talking PeeWee who is pissed at being stuck inside of the painful hold. Once PeeWee breaks free he traps Marco down onto the mat and starts forcing him to smell all of his man stank. Marco isn’t a fan but is trapped under PeeWee’s massive muscles. PeeWee lets up and Marco breaks out, and keeps his attack up against PeeWee, throwing him down to the mat and sitting on his legs, stretching them wide. PeeWee’s stuck again and screaming in pain, but he’s refusing to tap. Marco moves over to try and torture PeeWee’s ankle, but that doesn’t last long before PeeWee gets a hold of Marco’s own legs and flips him around into a boston crab. He makes sure this is an extremely painful crab, yanking Marco’s back and standing on his face, making him stretch really far. PeeWee drops him down and Marco’s just laying there in pain before PeeWee climbs on top of him and starts shoving all his muscles into Marco’s face. PeeWee is in pure domination mode and enjoying making Marco his little bitch. He sits up on top of Marco and starts flexing, giving Marco enough room to break free and start his retaliation against PeeWee for all the domination and humiliation. This match is loud and full of energy from these trash talking beasts. PeeWee is excited to be back and dominate the newer guys. Which trash talking beast will walk away from this match the champion?