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PeeWee vs Santiago - Halloween Havoc 2016 Round 1

$ 30.00

PeeWee vs Santiago is an adventure that starts out with wrestling muscle worship.  Then it explodes in an a wrestling match that is brutal for Halloween.  PeeWee is a big boy now at 220 lbs and Santiago has leaned down to a fighting 165 lbs. so this is a classic big vs little match you don't want to miss.

 PeeWee and Santiago have returned and are already on the mats, checking out each other’s bodies and admiring the results of many hours in the gym! – PeeWee in particular has put on some serious muscle!  Both men are in form-fitting metallic singlets, PeeWee in green and Santiago in silver.  Neither says a word – the only sound you hear are the slaps of hands on muscle and the expelling of breath as each man crunches down into a pose.  If you like a muscle show, this opener is for you as both guys compare biceps, pecs, obliques and quads.  Although, in PeeWee’s case, we should say QUADS!  They are definitely a danger zone for anyone foolish enough to get caught between them!

The competition soon heats up as flexing turns to wrestling!  They lock up and PeeWee snaps a headlock on Santiago, every vein on his arm and shoulder standing out as he CRUSHES the stud for all he’s worth!  It’s early in the match though and Santiago escapes, slapping on a headlock of his own!  PeeWee too manages to escape.  Still not a word is spoken as the two gladiators circle around, each looking for an opening to strike!  PeeWee sees one and lifts Santiago off the mats in a full nelson!  Santiago desperately tries to flex out, but the new and improved PeeWee is too strong!  PeeWee senses he won’t get a submission yet though and releases his prey.  Santiago goes in low, but gets caught in a front facelock.  Struggling to get out, Santiago manages to bring PeeWee down and cradles him before switching to a humiliating smother mount!  PeeWee is furious as he flips them over, ending up on top of Santiago as he grapevines and blatantly chokes the breath out of him!  PeeWee is showing a new mean streak, made all the more menacing by his silence!  Santiago is recovering as PeeWee moves up him for a HUMILIATING schoolboy pin, complete with more flexing.  Santiago is trapped as PeeWee enjoys the feel of his own muscle, revelling in his domination of the Argentinian stud!

Santiago finally manages to push PeeWee off him, manoeuvring him into a modified triangle choke, using PeeWee’s own massive arm against him!  A FIGURE-FOUR HEADSCISSOR from Santiago has PeeWee gasping for breath!  But PeeWee powers outand manhandles Santiago over his shoulder like he’s nothing!  Santiago resorts to dirty tricks to disctract PeeWee, pulling his singlet straps down, before taking the big man to the mats in a sleeper hold!  PeeWee again powers out and traps Santiago, pulling his singlet straps down in the process, before dragging him up into a bone-crunching Bearhug!  PeeWee follows up with a devastating shoulder breaker on Santiago!  PeeWee straddles Santiago’s face, squashing his head between his monstrous thighs!  But PeeWee gets distracted exploring Santiago’s body and ends up trapped in a face-to-ass headscissor!  The action heats up again as both men start slugging each other’s abs, drilling fist after fist after fist into the hard muscle!

There is no dialogue here, no mind games, no psyching each other out – the battle speaks for itself!  Bearhugs, ab bashing, suplexes all over the mat, massive forearm blows to the chest – this is definitely not one for the faint of heart!  Can Santiago pull off an upset victory over PeeWee?  Or will PeeWee’s muscle prove too much for the Argentinian to handle?  Get this match today to see who ends up screaming the first words heard in this match – “I Give!”