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Phish vs Baby Herc - Mat Wars 179

$ 23.99
$ 31.59

Big vs Little

6'1" 205 lbs vs 5'5" 135 lbs

Phish is begging to get his hands on a big bodybuilder! He drops to his knees and Baby Herc approaches standing over Phish menacingly. Phish acknowledges Herc's physique and as he flexes Phish is planning his dangerous first move. A handshake distracts Baby Herc for Phish to stomp down on his foot! Herc crashes to the mat and Phish locks in a a sleeper hold. Herc struggles but stands up flinging Phish off. Herc stands over Phish, but in a moment of vulnerability, Herc gets hit once again with a dirty foot stomp!

Baby Herc is over being tricked by Phish. He lets loose and begins to give Phish his "full power". He slams and stomps Phish over and over while Phish begs for mercy! But Phish will not let Baby Herc bruise his ego like that! He continues to trick and bamboozle Herc any chance he can get while Herc become increasingly more and more frustrated. 

Baby Herc's attitude switches as Phish claims to be the bad boy of Thunders Arena. But Herc is set out to be the real bad boy on the roster! Herc nails Phish with a brutal choke lift strangling Phish and slamming him against the wall before throwing him down! Phish is in pain and cannot hide it any more. Herc is in full control and the only question of this match that remains is how will Baby Herc decide to finish off Phish? and WHO IS THE REAL BAD BOY OF THUNDERS ARENA?