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Phish vs Meaty and Bronco - Ring Wars 114

$ 25.95
$ 28.88

Phish has been begging Mr. Mike to get a 2 on 1 match against two big guys. Phish is talking to his fans telling them how excited he is when out of nowhere Bronco sprints across the ring and SLAMS Phish into the turnbuckle! Caught off guard and feeling the sting of Bronco's massive muscles slamming into him, Phish escapes the ring while Bronco and Meaty pace the ring like 2 lions waiting for their prey. Phish slips into the ring only to be yanked around in brutal bearhugs by both bronco and Meaty! Phish yells in pain as Bronco wraps him up in the ropes choking the life from him. Bronco nails Phish with a hard clothesline and Meaty springs on top Phish before lifting him over his shoulders to throw him out the ring.

Phish has more experience in the ring than both Meaty and Bronco. Phish uses the ring space well, but the power from Meaty is his main obstacle. Phish uses dirty tactics like eye rakes and low blows to even the match, but a turn of events moves the momentum to Phish when Meaty has had enough of Bronco's mouth and mounts an attack against his own teammate. Phish has the biggest ego of all three wrestlers, but Bronco and Meaty get jealous of the action and decide to take it out on each other! Phish takes a leap from the top rope smashing into both Meaty and Bronco. Bronco rolls over in pain as Phish sets his eyes on Meaty. Hard gut punches leaves Meaty on the mat. 

Bronco walks Phish down against the ropes, but a clever reversal lands Bronco being tied up into the ropes and Phish yanking him in every uncomfortable maneuver he can imagine! Meaty slowly stands and stalks down both Phish and Bronco launching an attack on both!

Will Phish's ring experience prevail over both Meaty and Bronco? Or will egos clash and leave a heap of bodies in the middle of the ring? Download now and find out!