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Preston vs Cap - Rough & Ready 133

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

"You're on my mat; either get off or fight me for it!" orders Cap standing toe to toe with the 6'1" new rookie Preston. The titans lock up as the vet uses his speed to whip around the muscle giant lifting him in a quick belly to back bearhug and massive shoulder carry! Preston groans in pain as he's SLAMMED down and rolled into a cradle, but he's too big. Instead, Cap pins the newbie tight to his chest as he fights to break free, "Told you to get off my mat!" The dazed giant is laid out as Cap straddles his victim's face CRUSHING his skull deep between his powerful quads! Preston is in agony as the vet releases and mounts his thick chest pinning his biceps down with his knees taunting, "How's the view?" Pissed off, the muscle giant LAUNCHES the lightweight across the room surprising him, "Now we're gonna play? I was getting bored beating you up!" A scissors battle breaks out as both titans show off their strength. The vet locks in a viselike rear head scissors, and Preston delivers a brutal body scissors DRIVING the stud's face into the mat with his meathook hand! "You better enjoy this while it lasts!" moans Cap struggling to escape. Ready for payback, the muscle hunk powers out lifting the 210 pounder in RIB-CRACKING front and rear bearhugs! Preston gasps for air and is tossed to the mat where his brutal beating continues: body scissors, a barrage of gut punches, a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! The giant stumbles to his feet as Cap flexes his chiseled frame in the mirror, "I'm still as big as you! What are you gonna do about it?" Out of nowhere, Preston BARRELS in lifting the lightweight onto his boulder shoulder and parades him around the mat as he moans in pain, "Think you're so big huh? Wait till I get down!" Cap POUNDS the giant's back trying to break free but is taken down for a grueling body scissors! Preston's long powerful legs have the vet wrapped up tight as he struggles to breathe finally escaping in a fit of rage. "Come here!" orders Cap as he hoists the giant up for a tight belly to belly bearhug pinning his arm down to his side, "Doesn't feel good to be squeezed, does it?" Powerless to break the intense grip, Preston is slammed down as the dominant Cap tries BREAKING him apart with grueling leg stretches! Screams of pain fill the Vegas suite leaving the giant totally gassed out. You think it's over, but the brutal battle continues! Fueled by revenge, Preston hoists the vet up in a massive front bearhug sucking every last breath from his lungs as he crumbles to the mat. Cap can barely recover before the muscle giant wraps his quads of steel around him in a viselike standing head scissors! The vet's face turns red as the extreme pressure builds. Preston takes his scissors to the mat rolling the lightweight side to side slamming him HARDER and HARDER into the ground! Struggling to stay conscious, he escapes angrier than ever, "Thought you had me? I told you; this is Cap's mat!" A vicious fight to the finish ensues: cross-body pins, bearhugs, a massive sleeper. One muscle hunk is about to wake up in Vegas remembering the BEATING of his life!