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Python vs Archer - Rough & Ready 26

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

Newcomer Archer comes on strong, berating Python for having puny arms. Nobody whos ever seen Pythons arms since he was seven years old has called them small. Where does Archer think the name Python comes from? Archer tells the quiet Virginian that he cant come down to Florida without definition, standards for buff being through the roof in the Sunshine State. Quickly, the argument shapes up into a battle of the physiques: the tan beach body versus the strong man. As if to make his point, beach boy Archer pushes Python to the mat and mounts him in a humiliatingly easy schoolboy pin. The next takedown is Pythons, though, and he sweeps behind Archer to lock on a full nelson that nearly

drains the tan out of the Florida boys arms. Archer squirms out of the hold and puts Python in a nelson thats just as painful. He expands the hold into a strategy, targeting Pythons massive guns in an arm lock stretch. Then the wrestlers demonstrate just what their arms can do by trading bearhugs. Python traps Archer in a headlock that evolves into a choke, leaving the handsome rookie gasping for air on the mat, while over his head Python glowers at the camera as he demonstrates a few arm poses that pop out like 3-D even on a flat-screen monitor. You got lucky, Archer claims, against reason or consideration of personal safety, challenging the iron man to a second round. More headlocks, body slams, stretches, Boston crabs (Boston-ish, that is), and (you guessed it) pose-offs fill out the remainder of this bout between two of the Arenas hottest new talents, climaxing when one wrestler at last kayos the other.