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Hartley Python headscissors submission hold submit

Python vs Hartley vs Zman - Rough & Ready 49

$ 25.95

Z-man wants revenge for a humiliating loss he suffered at the hands of big, brutal Hartley. So he brings Python to do his dirty work, confident that Pythons huge guns and immense power will put arrogant Hartley in his place. Z-man claims he has trained Python and talks a lot of trash before the match begins, calling Python the Beast of the East, saying Python is going pop Hartleys head like a cherry and that they are going to mop up the mat with Hartleys face. Hartley is unimpressed and reminds Z-Man of what happened during their match, claiming that Z-man cried like a bitch. When Python and Hartley lock up for the first time, Hartley concedes that Python has a lot more power than Z-man. When they lock up again Python gets the advantage, putting Hartley down on the mat in a side headlock. Pythons huge arms bulge with the hold. Hartley doesnt hesitate to do what is necessary to win, so he shoves his thumbs in Pythons eyes, telling the strong man This is gonna hurt. Although Python breaks the hold after the eye gouge, Hartley still fights dirty. He rakes Pythons eyes and then pulls his ears. Z-man is outraged to see Hartley get the advantage over the muscular Python and he kicks Hartley in the back, saying How do you like that? With Hartley down, Python puts his foot on the big mans chest, Z-man yelling at him to apply more pressure. As Z-man gloats over Pythons advantage, Hartley kicks Python in the crotch, bringing the powerhouse down. Z-man is furious over Hartleys repeated dirty tactics. But with Python on his back, Hartley doubles down on the low blows by spreading Pythons legs and dropping his knee right between Pythons legs. Z-man screams Thats garbage but merciless Hartley tells him No, thats winning. When Hartley puts Python in a stretch, Z-man doesnt hesitate to interfere again and kicks Hartley in the back, screaming at Python to Get him! Get him! Python gets on top and applies a headlock to Hartley, face down on the mat. Z-man takes advantage and kicks Hartley while he is in the hold telling him Ill show you what cheap shots are all about. After Python releases the hold, Z-man cant resist piling on and rakes Hartleys back. Ruthless Hartley tells Z-man After Im done with him, Im going to severely hurt you. As the match between the muscular powerhouse Python and the brutal mat technician Hartley continues, each plays to his strength. Python locks Hartley in powerful headlocks and bear hugs using his huge muscles to squeeze the life out of the big man. Hartley uses his endless knowledge of agonizing holds, brutal moves and dirty tricks to escape and inflict pain on Python. Hartley chokes, stomps, eye gouges, applies figure fours, sleepers and brutal scissor holds with his long powerful legs. All the while, Z-man talks up his boy Python and trash talks Hartley, getting in his own cheap shots to help Python whenever he can, like a pro wrestling manager at ringside. But its clear that the real fight is between Z-man and Hartley, with Z-man using the powerful Python to fight his battles, and Hartley eager to finish off Z-mans boy Python so he can get his hands on the trash talking Z-man. After applying a deadly two handed choke while sitting on Pythons stomach, Hartley pulls the almost unconscious Python to his feet and locks him into a bear hug, followed by a head scissors. How is your boy now? Hartley confidently taunts Z-man, who has grown quiet knowing that the brutal Hartley will be coming after him next. Declaring that Its over Hartley puts Python away with a pile driver. Z-man frantically tries to revive Python, but the powerful muscleman is out cold, no longer able to do Z-mans fighting for him. Savoring the painful punishment he is about to inflict on Z-man, Hartley grins and says Hi friend as he grabs Z-man by the hair. What follows is a merciless, methodical beating by big tough Hartley that leaves Z-man out cold, lying on the mat next to Python. You have to see it to believe it.